LB Dynasty Tiers

I’ve got a Dynasty Startup Auction beginning in early January, so I put together Dynasty #IDP tiers for each position except CB, because, c’mon… Hopefully, nobody from the Shark Tank reads this.

* = designates soon-to-be UFA

Word of Warning: I’m not a ranker. I’m the Snap Count guy. You should probably just ignore these tiers. Also, I have a strict rule on my fantasy teams that I won’t roster players that have backgrounds of Domestic Violence. I didn’t even include Reuben Foster, because no one should roster Foster. Frank Clark and others are on here solely as I would rank them breaking my rule. This is solely so I can throw them out early in the auction, with no intention of winning them, just to get some money off the board.

Young Studs       

Leonard, Darius IND

Jones, Deion ATL

Vander Esch, Leighton DAL

Smith, Roquan CHI

Martinez, Blake GBP  

Littleton, Cory LAR

Littleton is the one guy I have the most questions about. I want to see it in another year. Also, I regret trading him away before the season for a goddamn bag of magic beans… Jones will be back big next year. Martinez had another strong season. The three rookies have looked unstoppable.

Older Studs       

Kuechly, Luke CAR

Wagner, Bobby SEA

Kuechly and Wagner are the best LBs in the league. The only reason I would go with the young studs is that it’s dynasty.

 Tier 1 Pass Rushers

Mack, Khalil CHI

Miller, Von DEN

Watt, T.J. PIT

Ford, Dee KCC*

Clowney, Jadeveon HOU*

Chubb, Bradley DEN LB

Shark Tank scoring allocates enough points for sacks and QB hits to make 3-4 OLBs relevant. Chubb missed breaking the rookie sack record but still showed out as a rookie. Clowney is headed for Free Agency and could find his way to a 4-3 team as a DE. He has yet to hit double-digit sacks in 5 seasons though. Ford is a little light to hold the edge if he were to sign with a 4-3. Watt has decided sacking the QB is a family affair with 13.0 sacks as a sophomore.

Location Location Location       

Alexander, Kwon TBB*

Ogletree, Alec NYG

Smith, Telvin JAC LB

Davis, Demario NOS

Alonso, Kiko MIA

Williamson, Avery NYJ

Like real estate, sometimes #IDP is all about location. None of these guys really thrill me, but the roles they’re in make them productive by default. Obviously, it’s a concern if Alexander signs elsewhere. That said, Tampa’s insurance policy was in a car accident, and there are questions if he’ll ever play again.

Up, Up, and Away       

Edmunds, Tremaine BUF    

White, Kyzir LAC

Milano, Matt BUF

Warner, Fred SFO

These are the young guys that have already shown promise but haven’t necessarily reached their ceiling. There’s more room to go. Warner started this season strong but definitely tailed off. I’d have to double check to see if Edmunds is old enough to drive a car without a learner’s permit… (He’s young.) White won the starting WILL spot as a rookie but ended up injured.


David, Lavonte TBB LB

Smith, Jaylon DAL

Trevathan, Danny CHI

Collins, Jamie CLE

Cunningham, Zach HOU

These guys are all worth building an LB corp around in deep leagues. Again, Shark Tank, the league I put these tiers together for, heavily awards sacks and QB hits. Otherwise, Collins would drop down a tier and be replaced by the other Cleveland LBs. It’s incredible to see Smith do so well.


Whitehead, Tahir OAK

Davis, Jarrad DET

Kirksey, Christian CLE

Brown, Jayon TEN

Foster, Mason WAS

Schobert, Joe CLE

Hitchens, Anthony KCC

Lee, Darron NYJ

Kendricks, Eric MIN

These guys are all regular #IDP starters, but you don’t want them as your LB1. They’re better as your LB2. Also, Whitehead is there under protest, because I want my roster to be entirely Raider-less.

Tier 2 Pass Rushers       

Houston, Justin KCC

Suggs, Terrell BAL*

Kerrigan, Ryan WAS

Smith, Za’Darius BAL*

Fackrell, Kyler GBP

Houston isn’t the guy who hit 22.0 sacks a few years back, but he could bounce back from an injury limited season. Fackrell has a chance to become the top pass rusher in Green Bay. ZDS is the first OLB Smith scheduled to be a UFA who could potentially sign with a 4-3 as a DE.


McKinney, Benardrick HOU

Van Noy, Kyle NEP

Bradham, Nigel PHI

Brown, Jatavis LAC

Reddick, Haason ARI

This tier is a step below Solid. McKinney doesn’t play 100% when Dylan Cole is healthy. Brown lost his job at the beginning of the season but produced when injuries forced him on the field. I don’t want to trust Reddick, but I’m curious to see what he turns into though.

New Team, who dis?

Mosley, C.J. BAL*

Brown, Preston CIN*

Davis, Thomas CAR*

Does anyone know who Mosley is? He has multiple personalities… Either he is one of the best LBs in the league, or he has a season like this that is just very meh. Brown could still put up numbers in the right situation.

Part-Time Delight       

Davis, Todd DEN

Walker, Anthony IND

Williams, Vince PIT

Bentley, Ja’Whaun NEP

Bostic, Jon PIT

Goodson, B.J. NYG

Ragland, Reggie KCC

Sky rockets in flight… None of these guys play 100% of snaps, so they’re best to be avoided. Davis is an interesting case. With Brandon Marshall dropping a few tiers this season, Davis was forced into an almost every-down role. He could jump a tier or two if that role continues. Bentley was pretty hyped as a late-round rookie, but New England’s defense rotates more than a merry-go-round… Remember when Bostic was fun last year?


Bynes, Josh ARI

Woodyard, Wesley TEN

Brown, Zach WAS

Wright, K.J. SEA*

Barron, Mark LAR

Matthews, Clay GBP*

Lee, Sean DAL

Perry, Nick GBP

Hightower, Dont’a NEP

Marshall, Brandon DEN

This tier is a step below Liquid. These guys just look done. Brown is reaching out to porn stars to schedule sex sessions… Brown is under contract for two more seasons, but they benched him to give Shaun Dion-Hamilton a shot at the end of the season. Wright just couldn’t get on the field this year. It’ll be curious to see how much interest he’s got. Matthews had the lowest sack total of his career.

Uncle SAM    

Jack, Myles JAC

Vigil, Nick CIN

Alexander, Lorenzo BUF*

Barr, Anthony MIN*

Kennard, Devon DET

Klein, A.J. NOS

Campbell, De’Vondre ATL

Most of these guys play 100% of snaps, but SAM is the most inefficient LB position, so the snaps don’t do a lot of good.

3… 2… 1…       

Avery, Genard CLE

McMillan, Raekwon MIA

Evans, Rashaan TEN

Baker, Jerome MIA

Young, Kenny BAL

Burks, Oren GBP

Hamilton, Shaun Dion WAS

O’Daniel, Dorian KCC

This tier is the guys who are ready to blast off. Everyone who follows me should know I am a huge fan of the rookie off-ball LB class. When classes like this come along, it often creates really deep classes. I want as much exposure to the rookie class as possible. Evans has been the least productive 1st Rounder, but if Tennessee waives Woodyard, he could be a 100% player next season. Baker was drafted primarily to cover TEs. It remains to be seen if he can be an every-down player. Young has a definite opportunity in front of him, especially if Mosley signs elsewhere. Burks seemed like he had a golden ticket at the beginning of the season, so his season might have seemed disappointing. He only played ILB one season in college. He always needed a year of experience. I would’ve liked to see a few more snaps for him at the end of the season, but I still have faith. SDH was getting a tryout at the end of the season. DOD may be in the same boat as Baker as a coverage LB.

Always the Bridesmaid…

Thompson, Shaq CAR

Will this be the year for Thompson? I feel like we’ve been predicting Thompson will break out the next season for a decade…

Tier 3 Pass Rushers       

Judon, Matt BAL

Floyd, Leonard CHI

Dupree, Bud PIT

Vernon, Olivier NYG

Smith, Preston WAS*

Okwara, Romeo DET

Carter, Lorenzo NYG

Landry, Harold TEN

Landry should see a boost next season with both Orakpo and Morgan scheduled to be UFAs. Judon could see a similar bump as everyone above him on the depth chart will be a UFA. Baltimore prefers a rotation at OLB though. Okwara will be headed for a DE designation. Smith is due for another 8.0 sack season and could be doing it at 4-3 DE if he signs elsewhere. I think this is who Vernon is. I think his sophomore season when he hit double-digit sacks was his career year.

IR or Bust       

Hicks, Jordan PHI*

Perryman, Denzel LAC*

Anzalone, Alex NOS

Pretty sure one of these guys got injured while I was typing this…

Deep Blue Sea       

Evans, Jordan CIN  

Lee, Elijah SFO

Oluokun, Foyesade ATL

Fort, L.J. PIT*

Grugier-Hill, Kamu PHI

Lee, Marquel OAK

Jewell, Josey DEN

Speaks, Breeland KCC

Wilson, Eric MIN

Beckwith, Kendell TBB

Here are the deep fliers. SFO should add an LB or Lee will be productive next year. Oluokun produced as a 6th Round pick but there’s no climbing that depth chart past his current, 2-down WILL role. Speaks could be Ford’s replacement in KC. @dff_dwin is a big fan of Jewell and expects big things from the 4th Round former Hawkeye. Beckwith missed his sophomore season after a promising rookie campaign filling in for injured Alexander and David. It remains to be seen if he can overcome a car accident he suffered in the offseason. KGH has an opportunity with Hicks a soon-to-be UFA, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Philly added a LB to replace Hicks. Wilson was the primary LB next to Kendricks when Barr missed time so if Barr walks, Wilson may be asked to step up. I don’t trust any Raiders…

No Thank You       

Kendricks, Mychal SEA*

Onwuasor, Patrick BAL

Taylor, Adarius TBB*

Jones, Christian DET

Ebukam, Samson LAR

Jenkins, Jordan NYJ

Copeland, Brandon NYJ*

Roberts, Elandon NEP

Barrett, Shaq DEN*

Burfict, Vontaze CIN

Mingo, Barkevious SEA

Morrow, Nicholas OAK

Luvu, Frankie NYJ

Riley, Duke ATL

Hodges, Gerald ARI

Mercilus, Whitney HOU

Gilbert, Reggie GBP

Watson, Dekoda SFO

Davis, Tae NYG

Lynch, Aaron CHI*

Correa, Kamalei TEN

Orakpo, Brian TEN*

Martin, Kareem NYG

Nickerson, Hardy CIN

Calitro, Austin SEA

Smith, Terrance KCC

Te’o, Manti NOS*

Burgess, James FA

Williams, Tim BAL

Nwosu, Uchenna LAC

Wilson, Damien DAL

Harold, Eli DET LB

Smith, Malcolm SFO

Johnson, Derrick FA

Minter, Kevin TBB

Bucannon, Deone ARI*

Cole, Dylan HOU

Wilson, Ramik LAR

Gedeon, Ben MIN LB

Thompson, Corey BUF

Finch, Sharif TEN

Hewitt, Neville NYJ

Adams, Matthew IND

Morgan, Derrick TEN*

Morrison, Antonio GBP

Emanuel, Kyle LAC*

Scarlett, Brennan HOU

Harvey-Clemons, Josh WAS

Gerry, Nate PHI

Nzeocha, Mark SFO

Deluca, Nick JAC

Cabinda, Jason OAK

Stanford, Julian BUF

Vallejo, Tanner CLE

Chickillo, Anthony PIT*

Bullough, Riley TBB

Bond, Devante TBB

Jacobs, Leon JAC

Pierre-Louis, Kevin NYJ

Carter, Bruce ATL

Ejiofor, Duke HOU

I legit don’t know Kendricks legal status. Discussing Riley makes me sad… Cole has a nice role as a potential double-handcuff if either Cunningham or McKinney get hurt. The news came out a week or two ago that Burfict might be done due to concussions. Gerry is another complete shot in the dark if you’re in a 32-team league, 100-man rosters as a LB in Philly.

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