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Draft Stock Watch: Post-Bowl Offseason Madness Part 1 February 2, 2022

Hello, again Fantasy Devy Gamers! We are here again to analyze the latest updates, performances, and NFL buzz surrounding college players that should prove to be integral to their eventual NFL Draft Stock. We will utilize recent statistics, performance an...

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Dynasty Rookie Pick Hit Rates in FFPC August 20, 2021

Most rookie drafts are done by now, though there may still be a few going on. If you are reading this and you still have some late-round draft picks for this year, don’t give them up just yet! You may think they are worthless or that you don’t have ro...

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DFF Draft Coverage: Cornell Powell to the Chiefs May 1, 2021

Cornell Powell | Clemson                      6’0” 204 lbs.                             10/30/1997 (Age 23) Cornell Powell was drafted 181st overall with a compensatory pick in round five by the Kansas […]...

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