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NFL Team Deep Dive: Denver Broncos February 19, 2021

In this series, I will be taking a deep dive into an NFL teams’ situation as we turn to 2021. We will look at coaching/GM changes, team needs, salary cap/free agents, and overall fantasy outlook for 2021. The next team on the list: the Denver Broncos....

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The End of an Era: Watt to Leave Texans February 13, 2021

Houston is experiencing one of the most turbulent years in sports history. No other time can I remember a city losing four superstars in a matter of just three months. In December, former MVP Russell Westbrook was jettisoned to Washington. Just a month la...

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2nd Year Breakout Wide Receivers: Part 3 August 16, 2020

The consensus used to be that it took wide receivers three years to breakout into fantasy relevance. But, the NFL is turning more pass-happy and players are being utilized in various ways. So, it isn't out of the question that there are a few second-year ...

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