Redraft: Midseason Trade Targets & Game Theory

In Redraft, trading is the best way to greatly change or improve your team. The hard part is determining what your team needs, and what players to target to fill those needs. In this article, I will be highlighting some guys that I think are worth buying either at or above their current price and some players you could look to trade away as well. Let us assume a 10-team, 0.5 PPR redraft league for these players and get right into it.

Some General Theory

There are a few general practices I use when trying to create trades in redraft to get the most efficient deals done and gain the most value. First, I am targeting two or fewer win teams who may be feeling panicked and are desperate to make a move. For example, in one of my redraft leagues, I had a lot of RB depth and was able to target a struggling team that had Jonathan Taylor, who had been struggling and was out for week six. He needed to push for a win and an unhealthy JT was not going to help him. I was able to take advantage of this and give up some depth to add what we think is an elite fantasy RB. 

Another type of team I target if I require depth is a four-plus-win team. These owners are typically confident in their teams and may be looking to make a two or even three-for-one trade to add a stud to their lineup. For example in one of my leagues, I needed tight-end help very badly. I was able to move Saquon for Travis Etienne, Deebo Samuel, and Darren Waller. I was lucky that this owner understood the value that Saquon carries and Travis Etienne had not started taking over the backfield yet. Also, Waller has not been doing great, but I think he can improve. This was a lucky combination of selling high and buying low that allowed me to trade one elite player, for three starting-caliber players.

Lastly, as always, look for teams that are deficient in areas where you have a surplus. This can make getting productive trades done much easier as you can be more likely to offer a trade that will help your trading partner. It is very possible to offer trades that help your team and your opponent’s team which also have you gaining value and production. These are the ideal trades and what I strive to offer right from the get-go.

Please, do not send out lowball offers in the hopes that one gets luckily accepted. I prefer to figure out the most I am willing to offer is, which still feels fair, and send something right below that. Sending lowball offers deters counter offers and any actual negotiations. But sending offers that are close and fair will lead to more trades getting done and more likely you help your team.

Players to Buy and Sell

Buy – Jonathan Taylor, RB IND

Taylor has had a disappointing start to the season since being the 1.01 in the vast majority of leagues. He is a player that has a depressed value which I am willing to gladly overpay for as I think he will return to his elite production. 

Sell – Darrell Henderson, RB LAR

Henderson has taken over the workhorse role with the announced departure of Cam Akers from the team. However, the Rams have not been good on offense, unless you are Cooper Kupp, and they have a solid defense. This has led to slow, low-scoring games which are not conducive to fantasy prominence. Henderson can be sold as an RB2 and I highly encourage packaging him for an upgrade.

Sell – Jeff Wilson, RB SF

Jeff Wilson is a guy that you may need to find a more unsuspecting owner to sell to (if you catch my drift). Wilson has been a solid producer in relief of Elijah Mitchell for the most part and should be an RB2 until Mitchell returns. He is another player, and if you can afford to lose the starter, I would be sending in a package to make an upgrade. 

Buy – Dallas Goedert, TE PHI

Goedert has been a great fantasy producer in a position where it is hard to even find average production. But, I think his production is even underrated. Goedert has only caught one touchdown pass this year but is still consistently putting up double-digit performances. This is due in large part to Jalen Hurts only having thrown six touchdowns in as many games. But, the Eagles have been scoring very well. If we see this regress back to average, and the Eagles throw more TDs Goedert could separate himself from the second tier of tight ends. I am buying for prices just below the likes of Kelce and Andrews.

Buy – Lamar Jackson, QB BAL, and Rashod Bateman, WR BAL

Lamar has had a couple of rough weeks in a row, but they also coincide with the injury to wide receiver, Rashod Bateman. Bateman should be back in action this weekend and the Ravens have also finished the hardest stretch of their schedule and do not face a team that is currently over .500 the rest of the way. Look for the Ravens to get healthy and back to scoring touchdowns at a high clip for the rest of the season. Take advantage of the frustrated Lamar owner, maybe you could send them Geno, Darrel Henderson, and a flex-level player for Lamar. I have seen Bateman dropped in some redraft leagues on Twitter so if you could just ship out one or two bench players for him I am buying. 

Buy – Courtland Sutton, WR DEN

Let’s be real, the Broncos are not good right now. But, Sutton has been producing despite this. We need to remember that Wilson just got here this season, and the Broncos have a rookie OC and Head Coach. It will take time for them to gel with each other and start performing at a high level. But, as I said, Sutton has been producing regardless. He just had a bad game on national television, the popular thing to do online is roast the Broncos, this is a great time to buy him. One of my favorite things about Sutton is the playoff schedule. He faces three high-powered offenses in Arizona, Kansas City, and the Chargers. These games could all end up being competitive shootouts and those are ideal for fantasy scoring. This might be the lowest Sutton’s value will be, grab him today.

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