For the first time this season doing one of these injury impact articles I had to look at a team’s actual depth chart. The New York Giants lost their WR1, WR2, WR3 and WR4 today. The odds of this happening have to astronomical. Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard and Dwayne Harris all went down with injuries. Though terrible for those players and a minor hit to fantasy teams nothing matches the devastation wrought by Odell Beckham being lost for the season with a broken ankle.

Depending on the length and severity of injury for Marshall and Shepard they could be buys. According to Adam Schefter Shepard has a sprain just like he did in the preseason, so it’s reasonable to expect him to miss a couple of weeks at a minimum.

We’ll have to wait to hear more on Brandon Marshall’s injury before speculating on his availability going forward. Evan Engramcan be expected to see an uptick in targets, even though he put up a donut this week.

Anyone else?

Dwayne Harris will miss a good bit of time with his injury, a broken foot, so he’s not an option going forward. On the active roster you have Tavarres King, who has 4 career receptions in 9 games over 3 seasons, so no thanks. There’s second-year, UDFA Roger Lewis. Lewis has no impressive metrics, didn’t dominate in college and seems to fit the definition of “Just a Guy”. Frankly, if I want just a guy I’m likely picking up Travis Rudolph, who seems like a hell of a kid. Outside of Shepard or Marshall, I’m going to pass on any remaining wide receivers on the Giants roster.

Somone has to catch the ball

Evan Engram, as noted earlier, will likely see an uptick in targets. Same for Marshall andSterling Shephard whenever they’re able to play again. If you were smart enough not to give up on Shepard after the Brandon Marshall signing, kudos to you. Wayne Gallman had 5 receptions on 5 targets Sunday and was a good receiving back in college. Shane Vereen converted 4 of 5 targets for 27 yards.

Fantasy impact

You know the drill by now. If you own OBJ you hold onto him. Beckham is the number one asset in dynasty football. He’s put up historic numbers thus far in his career and doesn’t turn 25 until November of this year. Barring any unforeseen complications, a broken ankle shouldn’t hinder him long term.

If you don’t own OBJ, start sending out those offers. Play up the uncertainty looming over the Giants. Eli Manning will be 37 years old this time next season and hasn’t played well in a few seasons. The Giants are now 0-5 and will almost certainly be in a position to draft their next franchise QB in the coming NFL Draft. Ben McAdoo is going to be fired at the end of the season if he lasts that long. A new QB and a new Head Coach could mean some down seasons to come for OBJ. Owners that are contending this year would have to at least look at any offers.

If you own Evan Engram, congratulations, you now own the Giants number one wide receiver, regardless of the fact he’s labeled a tight end. A lot of the talk leading up to the draft surrounding Evan Engram noted he was more a wide receiver than tight end so it’s entirely possible he lines up at wide receiver in the absence of any other viable options. You can try to trade for him, but as an owner of Engram, I would need a pretty hefty package to pull the trigger. The price would start with a rookie 1st.

Wayne Gallman already was going to be a hot waiver wire pick up/trade target this week. With OBJ and every other receiver of note going down Gallman is the player that I think benefits the most out of players that are actually obtainable in dynasty formats. In addition to his 5 receptions on Sunday Gallman also ran for 57 yards on 11 carries, a healthy 5.2 ypc behind the Giants poor running blocking offensive line.

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