“In the Player Pit” with L.J. Chaney

Jerome Lane

WR, Akron

6’3 220

2016 season stats: 62 Rec, 1018 Yards, 6 TDs

Jerome Lane is going to be a big time value for a team in the upcoming draft. He has terrific body control and catching ability in traffic. His physicality allows him to win contested catches and box out defenders. He has that WR1 body type and skill set that NFL teams desire. Lane was recruited on the defensive side of the ball and played Linebacker before ultimately switching over to a WR at Akron. I see a ton of potential when watching Lane, and he does possess a whole lot of upside. He wasn’t asked to run a full route tree and that’s fine, not many prospects are. He did, however, show he can create separation through his route but even when covered he gives his QB the confidence to just throw it in his area. One area of improvement he’ll need to focus on is concentrating throughout the catch because he sometimes double catches. Regardless of that minor flaw he still hauls in a lot of balls and rarely accounts for any drops. When draft time rolls around, I can see Lane being mentioned more and more by NFL teams and fantasy football scouts. Lane will give a team a player with a ton of upside who works extremely hard at trying to perfect his craft. I was fortunate enough to interview Jerome recently and here’s how our Q&A went.

Q: So you were recruited on the defensive side of the ball and played LB prior to switching to WR. Did you have any prior experience at WR and if so when?
A: Yes, I played WR, running back, safety, LB, punter, QB you name it, and I played most of those positions in high school.

Q: What traits that you possess will help you the most playing WR at the next level?
A: Resiliency. My mom is career military, and she always insisted on maintaining a resilient attitude. You have to be able to make adjustments and bounce back no matter what the circumstances are.

Q: You have recently been invited to the NFL Combine, Congratulations! What test do you feel you will perform your best at?

A: Yes, and thank you. I’m not sure, but Clif Marshall at Ignition is definitely helping me to focus on specific training for the combine. I am constantly learning new techniques and developing as a player. I will surprise myself in regards to what test I may excel in the most.

Q: Who is the biggest inspiration in your life?
A: My parents, they would never allow me to quit or give up. They always said after the season if you want to quit then o.k. but once you start something you see it through until the end.

Q: What is your best memory during your time playing at Akron?
A: Winning the “Idaho Potato Bowl” it was just a great feeling.

Q: In what area have you improved the most at since switching to WR?
A: I think I have most improved with my hands. Although I could catch, I have learned to utilize my body, height, and speed as a continuous motion while making difficult catches.

Q: If you could catch a TD against any CB in the NFL who would it be and why?
A: I think catching a TD against any CB in the NFL would be a great feeling of accomplishment because I would be one of the elite players selected to play in the NFL.

Last Question, Random.
Q: When you’re going through your pre-game ritual who are the musicians you like to listen to most?
A: TUPAC, it’s just something about his beats that get you pumped.


Thanks again for reading, you can see Jerome Lane’s highlights below and follow him on Twitter @INTHELANE_7



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