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North West born and raised. Sports are everything to me. Took up scouting a few years back and fell in Love with it. Try my best to use the knowledge I have to contribute to the Devy section for DFF.

Projected Futures: Week 5

The direction our teams take early on in the season will play a significant role in the type of trades we make throughout the year. As an owner it is hard to part with my future draft picks unless I know it is going to put me in contention for a champions

2017 Devy Watch

What is Devy Watch? Devy Watch originated as Dynasty Football Factory’s way of following college football players or fantasy football developmental prospects. In less than one year, Devy Watch evolved from a Twitter hashtag and occasional article in

2017 NFL Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

Once the 2017 NFL Draft is over, teams will continue to add valuable players to their rosters by recruiting undrafted free agents to come and compete. There are quite a few players in the league who have taken a similar path to stardom. All anyone ever ne

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Updated NFL Offensive Depth Charts

The first round of the NFL draft is complete and here is an updated look at the offensive skill position depth charts around the league. The night started out like a dynasty draft the way offensive players were flying off the board. It is important to see

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Devy Mock Draft

We are only a few weeks away from the NFL draft which means primetime Dynasty startup season is right around the corner. Spring football is in full swing for colleges around the nation so I figured it was a perfect time to gather up a few names around the