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We continue our change of scenery series with Darron Lee’s move from the New York Jets to the Kansas City Chiefs. Let’s start from the beginning to see how and why this change was made. Sometimes these moves work out great and other times they don’t, but it’s a cycle […]

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Anthony Harris – Minnesota Vikings Since 2015 Harris has served as Minnesota’s utility DB. The mediocre Andrew Sendejo is now finally gone. That means Harris is ready to rip. He was UDFA because of a nasty shoulder injury that prevented him from doing most pre-draft athletic testing. He was kept […]

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IDP Weekly Rankings

If you don’t know me, I am a big fan of IDP leagues. I play in too many to count. Most have a very unique scoring system. Some are even designed to balance the scoring on either side of the ball. I love the intricacies of building in this setting […]

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IDP Buys & Sells

Welcome to the NFC East edition of Diamonds in the Rough. The dynasty-IDP-sleeper-prognosticator gods have graced me once more in this edition. Every team has high-upside players that can turn out to be steals in your rookie draft. With proper coaching and development, these players can make an impact for your team during their rookie campaign and for many seasons after. Round and round we go down the rabbit hole. And as a friendly reminder, the Diamond in the Rough series covers rookie sleepers that were drafted in the fourth round or later.

Joe Jackson, Dallas Cowboys, DE

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