Austin Ekeler suffered a hamstring injury in Week 4

Going Down with the Ship

I am a massive fan of veterans in Dynasty Fantasy Football, thanks to their discounted price. A brief glance through my previous writing will reveal this. One downside of these players is that they are nearing a drop in value, and you may not be able to get a return on your initial investment. If we look at Dynasty as a purely stock market game, this is a complete disaster. However, Dynasty Fantasy Football is not a stock market despite having some elements of a stock market within it. The way you win in your Dynasty league is ultimately by scoring more points than your opponents. Players hold value based on their potential to score fantasy points for us in the future. But after those points are scored, a player will often not return to their previous value. When should we ignore conventional stock market strategy and hold on to an asset even if we know it will depreciate in value? What players should we take the loss on? 
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