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As MFL10 slow drafts wind down, I will be over two hundred leagues this year and have done many at each price point. If you have done any MFL20/50/100s in the last two months, you have likely seen me in your draft (@Styntru2u). As slow drafts run down, I will show you some of my players I have the highest exposure to. While the slow drafts will be done within the next week, they will have live drafts going up until draft day.

You can use this list as a guide of which players to target in your home/high stakes leagues. Players who I believe have been values all offseason. At the end of June, I gave my top 20 MFL exposures which can be found here. I will just go ten players here and why you should target them in your redraft / live MFL leagues. My exposure list is listed below.

  1. Lamar Miller – Lamar is not a sexy name in drafts, but he produces year in and year out. Reports are that he’s slimmed down and looks very good this offseason. His price has finally adjusted to mid to end of the 4th round but if he falls into the 5th in your redraft be sure to auto click. See my Lamar article from earlier this offseason here.
  2. Kenny Stills – No matter how much goes right for Stills his price does not adjust. At this point, he has to be considered the Dolphins WR1 and can be had in rounds 9-11. See@DFF_RyanB article on Stills here for an in-depth look at why he is the steal of the draft!
  3. Michael Crabtree – Crabtree is the default WR1 on the Ravens and easily their best red-zone threat. I feel very comfortable with Crabtree in round six with an outside chance of leading the NFL in targets.
  4. Travis Kelce / Zach Ertz – If you miss on Rob Gronkowski these are the two tight ends in the second tier that I feel comfortable with. Having one or two of these guys gives you a massive advantage in best ball.
  5. Patrick Mahomes / Cam Newton / Matthew Stafford – These are the three quarterbacks I have been targeting all offseason. Stafford is likely the most underappreciated quarterback year in and out.  in the last seven seasons Stafford’s lowest yardage had been 4,257 yards, and he can be had in round 11 of best balls. Newton is a dark horse to be the QB1 on the season who uses his legs and has his best cast around him he has had, not to mention he will give you 600+ yards on the ground. Mahomes is the ultimate upside quarterback with a cannon and legs. He arguably has two of the best field stretchers in the game in Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins.
  6. Tyrell Williams and Tyler Lockett – Both of these guys have been two of my favorite best ball values throughout the whole offseason. Due to free agency and injuries both of these guys have become great values as the likely WR2 on their team in the late double-digit rounds.
  7. Giovanni Bernard – I have been off of Joe Mixon all offseason at his price. Gio has stand-alone value, and if anything happens to Joe Mixon, he could become a three-down back. In round ten there is no other running back I have been targeting more than him.
  8. Kelvin Benjamin – Kelvin has looked good in the preseason. He comes at a discount because the Bills will be historically bad but the negative game script is a positive for him. He should get well over one hundred targets at a 10/11 round ADP.
  9. Royce Freeman – Royce has been a great MFL value all season and continues to be so, even with his hype. Due to MFL’s default rankings, I believe people miss that he is available still in round five and six and is an auto draft for me there.
  10. Bilal Powell – Bilal disappointed last year relative to his draft position and finds himself in the same position this year with Isaiah Crowell but at a much better price. Powell also started the third preseason game which could mean he could be a huge draft day steal in rounds twelve and on.

Just as a reminder this is not a list of my favorite players or best draft day bargains. This is simply a list of guys I have been drafting all offseason who I believe are great values. Hopefully, you can target a few of these guys in your drafts, whether it be best ball or redraft at a good value to help you dominate your league!  Be sure to follow me at @FFLinx on twitter as I will be providing insight throughout the season regularly.


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