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The player movement suggestions contained in the Dynasty Stock Report are not an indictment of a player’s talent or skill set as much as it is designed to bring to light a player’s situation and how that situation can increase or decrease that player’s value both now and long term.

The Dynasty Stock Report

Here’s a look at the Dynasty Stock Report for the first week of August.

Buy: Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor isn’t your ordinary 28-year-old former quarterback turned wide receiver. He was a first-year wide receiver that had over 1,000 (1,007) yards receiving in 2016. Did you know that he managed this feat with not one, not two, but six Cleveland Brown quarterbacks? He was the WR18 in standard league scoring last year and the WR19 in PPR last year as well. You’d be attempting to buy a player that has a built-in high floor, but that has an even higher ceiling now that he’s in Washington although his sample size is limited.

Why He’s a Buy:

The biggest reason to buy Terrelle Pryor is his situation. We already know that he accomplished a 1,000 yard receiving season in his first year as a wide receiver, but now Pryor finds himself on an offense that threw for almost 5,000 yards in 2016. Pryor’s new quarterback, Kirk Cousins, also threw 25 touchdowns to go along with 4,917 last year. Cousins is coming off back to back seasons of at least 4,100 passing yards and at least 25 touchdowns. Cousins will represent a level of stability at the quarterback position that Pryor did not have in Cleveland.

Washington D.C. is the land of opportunity for Terrelle Pryor. He assumes a starting wide receiver position on an offense that lost two of its three starting wide receivers from the 2016 season. Pierre Garçon has left for San Francisco, and DeSean Jackson is now in Tampa Bay. These two leave behind a lot of opportunities for Terrelle Pryor. Garçon and Jackson leave behind 224 targets, 125 catches, 2,046 yards and 7 touchdowns. Those numbers represent 37% of Cousins 2016 passing attempts, 31% of his completions, 42% of his total yardage and a 28% of his passing touchdowns.

Pryor will not be the sole beneficiary of all of these left behind opportunities. Second-year wide receiver Josh Doctson will factor into the mix as he returns from an Achilles injury that cost him virtually all of his 2016 season. Pryor is listed as the WR1 on Washington’s roster above Josh Doctson, and Jamison Crowder according to @MikeClayNFL on ESPN.com and should be able to acquire a sizable share of those vacated opportunities in Washington.

It’s been said that we’re known by the company we keep, and it’s easy to see that Terrelle Pryor is keeping much better company in Washington D.C. these days. He now has Pro Bowl quarterback Kirk Cousins throwing him the ball. Pryor will play alongside Pro Bowl Tight End, Jordan Reed, who is one of the top three Tight Ends in the league. Slot receiver Jamison Crowder and 2015 first round NFL draft pick, Josh Doctson, round out a much stronger supporting cast for Pryor as he heads into the 2017 campaign.

Who’s Buying?
Are you convinced Allen Robinson isn’t a true WR1 anymore? Are you still waiting for DeVante Parker and Kevin White to return your investment and become the wide receiver twos that you expected them to be? Anyone who is looking for WR1 upside at WR2 prices.

What to Pay:
The goal is to always pay as little as you have to acquire the targeted player. You’ll need to tailor your offer to Pryor’s current owner. Pryor is worth a rookie first round pick in approximately the 1.06 range in your 2018 rookie draft according to certain trade calculators. That makes a rookie first round pick a good offer if his current owner is in a rebuilding situation. Are you stacked at running back?

Do you own DeMarco Murray, CJ Anderson, Carlos Hyde or Derrick Henry? Are these guys expendable due to being stacked at running back? These are the type of running backs to offer straight up based on their ADP versus the ADP of Terrelle Pryor. Pryor is going as player 46 in dynasty startups according to ADP data found on dynastyfootballfactory.com from July 2017. A straight up, one for one trade that benefits both owners is always a good option. This will require some quickness and diligence as you don’t want his current owner to see too much of Pryor and Cousins as preseason games kick off.

Be Nice to all your potential business partners in trades out there. Remember the advice of legendary poker player Amarillo Slim, “You can shear a sheep a 100 times, but you can skin it only once.”

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