Dynasty Hot Routes: Ravens and Cowboys WR Charting


The mission of this article is to make our in-house experts sizzle and bristle over the hot-button issues that face dynasty owners. Our experts make the entire route tree HOT as they address topics from the world of IDP, Devy, Start/sit, Non-PPR, PPR and everything in between. Try not to get burned by all the fiery YAC below! This is Dynasty Hot Routes!

With Jeremy Maclin joining the Ravens can you explain the target share amongst Maclin, Mike Wallace, and Breshad Perriman?

Joshua Johnson – It appears the Ravens have three deep threats. The good news is that Joe Flacco can sling it. I honestly see a scenario where Maclin is just Perriman insurance (should he get hurt for the third training camp in a row) but time will tell. What is clear right now is that the Ravens could put the heat on opponents deep down field. I also feel that people are too concerned that Perriman will take a back seat to Maclin, I disagree.

Let us not forget Baltimore drafted Perriman in the first round. That means more to an organization than the signing of another team’s cap casualty.

I still feel very strongly that Perriman can develop into WR1 this season in spite (and/or maybe because) of the veterans around him. With talent around him, Perriman should exceed 100 targets while Wallace should receive around 100 and Maclin should finish in the 70 range. Both Wallace and Maclin are space destroyers. They thrive on quick hits and vertical stretch plays. There is so much more to Perriman’s game, and now that he is fully healthy we should see him grow.

Brad McDaniel – The losses of Steve Smith, Kamar Aiken, and Dennis Pitta open up 171 targets from 2016. There are roughly another 60 targets left by other departed players. Over the past two seasons, Baltimore has thrown more passes than any other team.

It appears to me that there are plenty of targets to go around. Mike Wallace shouldn’t be affected. He has his role, and that shouldn’t change. Jeremy Maclin will probably receive the majority of the available targets, but Breshad Perriman, if healthy, should still see an increase in his 66 targets from last season.

Shaun Laibe – Joe Flacco threw the ball a whopping total of 672 times last season. About 150 of these passes went to TEs while another 150 went to RBs. The TE numbers could decrease after losing Dennis Pitta, but for now I’ll assume similar TE usage for the coming year. This leaves around 350 or so targets to split amongst the group of WRs.

Wallace and Maclin are both steady performers and should see somewhere around 100-120 targets apiece. Perriman is the X factor in this group. His role is the most undefined, but he also possesses the most upside. Realistically, he’s looking at anywhere from 70-110 targets.

Brian Hawkes – Can we add Danny Woodhead to the mix?…In all seriousness, I’m not sure any WR in this offense has the potential to crack WR1 status, despite top tier passing attempt totals by the Ravens. As Shaun mentioned, the Ravens throw a ton to their TEs and RBs. 

If I’m a contender, I’m extremely interested in Danny Woodhead because he will be an impact player (PPR format) in the passing game – and he’s going to get significant touches early in the year due to Dixon’s suspension. This additional workload could lead to early season victories..and early season victories give you the flexibility to start prepping for the playoffs and beyond. As far as the WRs go – I’d rank them: Maclin (130), Wallace (120), Perriman (80). As for Woody…he’ll rack up 100 targets of his own!

What has been your most impactful trade since the actual NFL draft?

Joshua Johnson – In a 16-team PPR/Full IDP I sent pick 2.05 and a 2019 7th and received picks 3.02 and 4.02. I traded the 2.05 when it was OTC with Marlon Mack, Jarrad Davis, Reuben Foster, Curtis Samuel, Myles Garrett Jamaal Williams, Jamal Adams, Carlos Henderson, Haason Reddick and Jeremy McNichols all on the board. I also owned pick 2.11 so I was pretty confident I could slide back and still address my RB depth chart.

There was IDP run after Mack and Samuel went 2.05 and 2.07 so I had to nab Reddick at 2.11 for LB assurance. Then I was able to nab Jamaal Williams with the 3.02, then I somehow still scored McNichols at 3.11. Then with the 4.02, I grabbed Raekwon McMillan. My weakness was RB and now I have Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffery, Ja. Williams and McNichols. I also believe I cornered two long term LB options. That sound you hear is me still brushing off my shoulders.

Brad McDaniel – On a roster with very few holes, I moved Eric Ebron and five rookie picks (2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 5th) for Corey Davis and Derrick Henry. I’m rarely that aggressive and normally let the draft come to me, but based on the makeup of this particular roster; I felt comfortable making a move.

Shaun Laibe – The most impactful trade I’ve made was one in which I acquired Allen Robinson for Terrelle Pryor and Samaje Perine. Perine has been a hot topic since being drafted by the Redskins. His perceived value is that of a starter right now, but the situation in Washington is not close to being settled. 

I was more than happy to sell that illusion for a proven stud in Robinson. Pryor might outproduce him this season, but Robinson is four years younger. I’m planning on sustained excellence with Arob, so possibly giving up a bit of production this year was worth it to me.

Brian Hawkes – In a salary cap league, I was able to move up from 1.11 to 1.5 by taking on bad contracts. The teams in front of the 1.5 pick were running back needy. I was hedging that a certain WR would fall…and the 1.5 ended up being Corey Davis! In short, I took on some bad money (all contracts for 2017 only; no long-term deals) + 1.11 – and it netted me a player worthy of the 1.01.

Breakdown the Dallas Cowboys WR depth chart. Who do you like and dislike?

Joshua Johnson – So very quietly the ‘Boys re-signed Terrance Williams through 2021. There is buyout potential after 2019, but they gave him a market value of 8.2 million dollars. Do they expect that Cole Beasley will be too expensive to re-sign? Obviously, Jason Witten could retire soon but man it seems like they are committed to TWill.

Their late round lottery tickets (Ryan Switzer & Noah Brown) were just stabs in the dark. Both have “potential, ” but they will need to earn loads of trust to see significant roles as rookies. Dallas drafted both receivers because they lack confidence in reserve WRs Brice Butler and Lucky Whitehead. Beasley performed over his head the last two seasons. Obviously, Dez is safe when healthy.

Brad McDaniel – It doesn’t appear that much has changed from last year. Dez Bryant, always a favorite of mine, is still the alpha. At this point, Terrance Williams is what he is. Maybe UDFA Noah Brown pushes him for playing time; maybe he doesn’t. Ryan Switzer has been impressive in camp thus far. He and Cole Beasley should split the slot work.

Shaun Laibe – Dez is the clear #1 here. The rest is going to be rather hit or miss. Cole Beasley has some PPR flex appeal but won’t score enough TDs to be a consideration in standard leagues. Terrance Williams is a reasonable WR4/5 at best. Brice Butler and Lucky Whitehead are very meh.

So much so that Dallas drafted Noah Brown and Ryan Switzer. Switzer is a Beasley clone and has great hands. Brown is a very intriguing as well at 6’2” and just 19 years old. Both are definitely worth a stash in deeper leagues.

Brian Hawkes – For dynasty? I’m a fan of Ryan Switzer at his current price (PPR). For contending dynasty teams and redraft – Dez is the player to own. Saying all that, Dez was on pace for just short of 120 targets last year…that’s not WR1 volume. In fact, it’s volume on par with Tyrell Williams and Kelvin Benjamin (2016 totals). Dez is more efficient than those players due to his TD%…but you get the point. Dez is only a buy when he’s valued as a clear cut WR2. Beyond those players, the Dallas wide receiver group is not overly attractive to me.




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