Draft Stock Watch: Week 9

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Each week I will bring you the latest updates and NFL buzz surrounding college players that should prove to be integral to future fantasy success. I will utilize recent statistics, performance and film, and general “front office whispers” to compile the intel I share with you. My hope is to provide you with a leg up on your opponents. You will know which devy players to target in trades and/or in what range of draft picks (both NFL and fantasy drafts) you can expect these players to be selected. If you want to read last week’s article, click here. This weekend we all got to watch Alabama and Ohio State continue to assert their dominance, as Clemson showed they could win without their all-world QB, despite not playing their best football. Additionally, the Big12 Conference has now effectively eliminated any hopes for one of their teams earning a seed in the college football playoff this season with the twists and turns of a few other top-25 upsets blended in. With Week Nine of the college football season in the books, we take a look at some of the draft stock movements for our future fantasy football stars.
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