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Player Interview Series: RB Marquell Beckwith, Alabama State University

I had the pleasure of interviewing Marquell Beckwith recently. When watching Beckwith, I noticed his effort and willingness to do anything in his power to help his team win. He has very good hands out of the backfield and really thrives in his pass- protection. I’m really looking forward to seeing Beckwith earn a shot with a team this summer and carving out a role for himself. Check out the interview here:

LJ: Can you give me a rundown of your background, where you grew up, and all the schools you attended?

MB: I’m from Montgomery Alabama. I went to Troy University. I was there for 4 years. Red shirted my first year as a Freshman, played the next year as a redshirt Freshman and Sophomore. I tore my ACL first day of fall camp and ended up missing my entire Junior season. I graduated that spring and transferred to Alabama State University.

LJ: Growing up what positions did you play?

MB: I always played running back. Played a little receiver and cornerback but my true position has been running back.

LJ: What would you say your current weight and height is?

MB: I’m 5’10”, 196 lbs.

LJ: Coming out of high school what college showed interest in recruiting you?

MB: I received an offer from Troy in 11th grade. So, Troy was my very first offer. I had Western Kentucky, Arkansas State, UAB, Samford, South Alabama. I was in talks with Auburn, and I really wanted to go to Auburn, but they never offered me a full scholarship. I took my visited down to Troy and build a bond there with those guys so I committed and signed with them.

LJ: When is your pro day taking place?

MB: Alabama State is March 10th and Troy will be March 21st. Troy is letting me do their pro day as well.

LJ: When it comes to your game, what skill set or attributes do you have that help you win?

MB: First of all, I’m a very versatile running back. I can catch, I can run, and I can also block. So, I would say being able to be a receiver out of the backfield. I know how to run routes. I’m taking myself 10 times out of 10 whenever I’m matched up with a linebacker. I can pick up those blitzing linebackers or corners. I’m also a kick returner too, so there’s a lot of versatility to my game.

LJ: Which area in your game do you wish to improve the most between now and the start of the NFL season?

MB: There is always room for improvement, but right now I’m working on my pad level. Sometimes I’ll make a cut and rise up quicker than I want to. Like I told you yesterday when we spoke I’m training at Georgia sports performance in Atlanta Georgia and we been doing a lot of training and working on my pad level.

LJ: When it comes to studying other players and watching tape who do you like to watch the most?

MB: There’s two players. I love to watch: Le’Veon Bell because of how patient he is. Another back is one people compare me to and that’s LeSean McCoy – and I’ve been watching him since he was in college at Pitt. I always like watching him.

LJ: Do you have any contact with any players at the next level? Maybe a guy who has given you advice or mentors you in a way?

MB: Oh yeah, Mohamed Sanu for the Atlanta Falcons. I met him like two and a half years ago. I met him at a camp. I talked to him and he gave me his number and we’ve been talking about twice a week and I’ll shoot him a video or something when it comes to me running routes and stuff just to get his take on what Ii should do different. So, I look up to him like a brother.

LJ: Who would you say is your biggest inspiration in your life?

MB: I have two kids, two sons. I would say they are. They are my biggest inspiration because no matter what goes on, everything always falls back on them. I try to be a role model to them and give them something positive to look at. They just keep me going when I think about quitting. My mom as well – she’s done so much for my brother’s, sister, and I.

LJ: What would you say your favorite football memory is?

MB: Most recently I would say this past season at Alabama State my senior season. The Turkey Day Classic we were down in the 3rd quarter something like 27-13. I got the ball on the inside goal and Ii dashed up the middle for my first touchdown of the game and sparked a comeback. We ended up going to overtime with the score 35-35. It was the second play of overtime I bust up the middle and I gave the safety an outside move and score. We ended up losing because we missed our extra point and they scored, but just being a part of that and scoring those two crucial touchdowns was a big moment.

LJ: When you left Troy, what made you chose Alabama State?

MB: I was choosing between them and Jacksonville State and my boys played a big part because my oldest was starting football and I wanted to be around them as much as possible.

LJ: One last random question. Who do you listen to for your pre-game ritual?

MG: Meek Mill. He raps about the struggle and what it takes to get there, so I like Meek Mill.

Thanks for taking the time to interview with me Marquell; it was a real pleasure.

You can follow Marquell on Twitter @28_beckwith and check out his highlight reel here:


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