Trading Post: WTF #DynastyTwitter?

I think we can all agree that trading is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Dynasty Football. Regardless if you feel a trade was even or if you feel like you “won” the trade decidedly, just the act of pulling off a trade is a fun thing. In this installment of the “Trading Post” dynasty Twitter loses its mind.

The League:

Infinity War Dynasty

The Trade:

Dynasty Twitter:

388 votes is a pretty good subject size I’d say. That’s the only good thing about this poll.

In My Defense….wait I “won” this trade??!!:

What in the actual f’ is going on here? Initially offered Tajae Sharpe and a 2018 1st round rookie pick I countered with this offer that was accepted by Prof. X. When the poll was posted from our league’s Twitter account, I braced myself for the sure-fire public “L” I was about to take.

I began working on my talking points quickly. Kevin White lots of upside, Kevin White lots of available targets with Alshon Jeffery leaving Chicago for greener pastures #FlyEaglesFly. A 2018 1st round rookie pick in what’s shaping up to be a deep and talented draft class. Blah, blah, blah. I expected to lose this poll quite decisively, and I still think I lost this trade.

The real reason I made the trade? Diversification in my dynasty stock. I own a lot of Doug Baldwin, and I saw a chance to move him for a player that I own almost nowhere in Kevin White. One thing fresh in my mind after my struggles last season is that I wanted to variegate my dynasty rosters a bit more this coming season. Kevin White does have upside; I can not dispute that. But we’re moving into White’s 3rd professional season, and all he has is upside. When has been on the field he’s been wildly inefficient, turning his 36 targets into only 19 receptions last season.

I mean good lord people. Doug Baldwin is coming off of consecutive wide receiver 1 seasons in 2015 and 2016. Baldwin will be 29 when next season kicks off, maybe that’s what it is? Does Doug Baldwin seem like the type of player that’s going to fall off the age cliff suddenly? Baldwin’s game isn’t predicated on speed or uber athleticism. He’s technically proficient and efficient with his targets, so I’m going to say he’ll age gracefully and continue to be productive through at least his age 32 season. 

Is it the 2018 rookie pick?  I’ve stated it a few times, but rookie picks are at best a 50/50 proposition. I was wrong it’s more like a 30/70 proposition with the 70% being the picks that miss. Don’t just take my word for it go read “Dynasty Rookie Pick Hit Rates” from the great Jacob Rickrode (@ClutchFantasy). If you can read that and still feel confident in your ability to draft the rookies that are going to be difference makers then more power to you.

For argument’s sake, let’s assume Prof X’s team is terrible next season and I strike it rich and land a top four rookie pick. Take a look at some of the names selected in that range since 2010: Ryan Mathews, Jahvid Best, Daniel Thomas, RGIII, Tavon Austin, Bishop Sankey, Kevin White. Oh boy, Kevin White is part of that list of players. That can not be a good omen.

That is not a good list of players, not in any imaginable scenario could that list of players make you feel anything other than dread when thinking about your upcoming rookie picks.  

In Closing:

Damn it Dynasty Twitter. It’s not supposed to work like this. You’re not supposed to make me argue against trades I make, and the wrongly won Twitter polls I “win.”

This trade poll does highlight that there is a large segment of the Dynasty Football community that values youth, even youth that has not yet produced, over the known production provided by a veteran player.

I’d further posit that this also illuminates the blinding optimism we hold in our ability to draft the right players. We are not that good; I linked you to an article that proves that point definitively.

My advice to you would be to go out see if you can find the youth-obsessed owners in your leagues and see what you can pull off when you dangle sexy young receivers, and rookie picks in their face.

Thanks for reading this latest installment of the “Trading Post.”

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    • Luke7799

      May 3, 2017

      I think this deal comes down to where your team is at. In a rebuild I am taking the white/1st side all day. Competing and it’s Baldwin very very easily.


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