DFF Rookie Film Review: Justin Fields


Justin Fields stands 6’3”, weighing in at 228 lbs. Here are the career statistics broken down by year:

 2019  SO  14  238  354  67.2  3,273  41  3  484  10
 2020  JR  8  158  225  70.2  2,100  22  6  383  5


Ohio State’s offense took advantage of Justin Fields arm strength. A spread offense at its core, mixed in plenty of downfield shots to a talented wide receiving core. Unlike other spread offenses, Ohio State used downfield concepts to get guys open. Fields’ ability to launch the ball downfield with the touch and accuracy which he does, is phenomenal.

The NFL game needs quarterbacks who are not afraid to push the ball down the field. Fields should have no problem with this at the next level. While other signal-callers will struggle due to their college offensive philosophy, Fields’ strengths will easily translate to the NFL level.


Arm Strength

Justin Fields has a rocket launcher strapped to his shoulder. The ability for him to make every 50+ yard bomb look effortless is incredible. His accuracy down the field is something to behold as well. Every shot is perfectly placed where only his guy can get it. His tape is filled with beautiful deep shots for touchdowns.

Pocket Presence

Fields is a magician in the pocket. One second he is standing tall, surveying the field. The next, he is 20 yards downfield in the blink of an eye. He has a natural feel of the rush and gets to an open running/throwing lane without hesitation.


Rushing quarterbacks are the cheat code in fantasy football. Guys like Lamar Jackson, Cam Newton, Josh Allen, and Kyler Murray are all threats to be in the top-five of fantasy quarterback rankings at season’s end. Justin Fields slots in as a mobile quarterback that could have an immediate fantasy impact for your teams in 2021. 19 touchdowns in his college career on the ground with multiple games with double-digit rushing attempts are BIG TIME.


Mental Processing

The one thing that may hold Fields back from being an elite quarterback in the NFL would be his mental processing. He struggles to get to the final read in his progression. Often having to abandon the passing concept altogether and turn into a runner. We see Lamar Jackson struggle with this as well. Now, I do not think that Fields is as far gone as Lamar is as a passer, do not hear what I am not saying. But both guys benefit from a one-read passing game that requires quick decisions.

Decision Making Under Pressure

There are times where the perfectly schemed play call is not there. Leaving Fields trying to make something out of nothing. Sometimes I wish he would just take the sack instead of throwing the ball late over the middle. Mistakes like this need to be corrected.


Can Fields grow into the type of quarterback who can pick a defense apart? His athleticism, pocket presence, and arm strength will certainly help him adjust to the NFL game. The true test of Fields’ ability to be great relies heavily on his improvement in his mental processing.

I have gone back and forth on my ranking of Justin Fields. My main concern has to be the landing spot. Lawrence is a virtual lock to go #1, leaving the door open for a slide in the draft for Fields. If Fields goes to a team with an established QB, it could be troublesome for Fields’ early career outlook.

I have Fields as my QB1 for the 2021 class because I believe he will have the better fantasy career. Justin Fields is a fantasy difference-maker because of his arm strength, accuracy, and rushing ability. This makes him a prime candidate for a top-five dynasty quarterback moving forward.

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