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DFF Fantasy 5 Spot: Bills vs. Chiefs

Buffalo Bills 16  vs. Kansas City Chiefs 10John Orr (@DFF_JohnIDP)

Buffalo Bills

  1. Zay Jones had an early drop that stalled a drive. He did run away from Marcus Peters on a crossing route for an 11-yard touchdown at the end of the first quarter. His inconsistent play showed late in the first half when he failed to get his second foot in for the catch along the sideline. Up and down game for the youngster.
  2. Tyrod Taylor made impressive throws early. He put the ball where his guys could make the catch. His patience showed on his TD, needing to hold the ball for the junk in the middle to clear out. He stepped up and away from the pressure and made a couple of nice throws down the field. On a third down throw to Charles Clay, he drilled it into him in a tight window. This was a complete game and excellent performance for him.
  3. LeSean McCoy had a couple of nice holes thanks to his offensive line. He hit the holes quickly and got to the second level. When McCoy has room to work, playmaker delivers. On one play he jumped over Derrick Johnson and exploded for a few more yards. Impressive explosion showed! Still! I’ve been saying all year the team wins when Shady gets going, and this was no exception.
  4. Steve Hauschka, what a weapon! If your league uses kickers, his 56-yard kick (more so in .1 Per kick scoring) along with his other long range one has you a nice advantage. What a comfort it is to have a kicker who can nail long range for you.
  5. Tre’Davious White closed out this game with a critical INT.

    Having him started everywhere I only wish he scored the TD. In leagues that give you INT return yards, it put him in the top tier of corners this week. White continues to be a key weapon for the Bills, and weekly must start in our fantasy lineups.

Kansas City Chiefs

  1. Alex Smith looked like he was determined to take the game on his shoulders and do it all. I haven’t seen many KC games, but he sure was pulling the ball down more than I ever remember. He had a couple throws where he was way off the mark, poorly thrown. The offense looked out of sync early and often though. Smith struggled, and this offense has not been close to who they were early in the season. Avoiding him the rest of the way.
  2. Travis Kelce owners are frustrated. I saw him break free only one time in the first half! With his QB under pressure, it was a missed opportunity.  Coming out in the second half he was an early part of the game plan, but with the excellent defense, he was not able to do much. When you have an elite weapon not able to get the ball, and the offense struggling, alarm bells begin to go off.
  3. Kareem Hunt, (sigh). I was fully expecting a significant game from him and the KC front line. I’m left in misery instead, from watching the opposite happen. Often he had no room to move. When he caught the ball, he was hit right away. The screen game was so obvious. At times the Bills were able to sniff it out with no results, other than in PPR. The few times he had a glimpse of light he lacked explosion. I’m sure he was stunned when he saw space though.
  4. Tyreek Hill is dangerous, a play maker, and fun to watch. My kids were jumping up anytime he had the ball in his hands. When he’s in space, he can score, and that’s EXCITING! Working him into the game plan in every way imaginable he continues to be a Fantasy asset weekly.
  5. Reggie Ragland ended with 9 combined tackles.  He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills! He looked terrific against his former team. Dominated in the run game and was equally impressive when getting into pass coverage. Few times he stayed with McCoy out of the back field, and that’s no small task. In the right systems, Ragland is someone I am feeling good starting weekly right now.


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