DFF Draft Coverage: Tutu Atwell to the Rams

TUTU ATWELL | LOUISVILLE   5’9” 155 lbs.   10/7/1999 (Age 21)

Tutu Atwell was drafted 57th overall by the Los Angeles Rams, becoming the ninth wide receiver and 19th overall player skill position player in the 2021 NFL Draft.


Tutu Atwell’s College Stats by Age

Chatarius “Tutu” Atwell had a very strong sophomore season at Louisville. Tutu is an early declare, had a best season TD share of 36.7%, and a yards per team pass attempt of 4.31. His Y/TPA stat is top tier (97th percentile). His main weakness is his size. Tutu Atwell is the lightest WR ever drafted in the NFL. However, Tutu was able to put up very nice production in college so he could be just fine. Overall, I love Tutu’s production profile and think he has a good shot to succeed in the NFL, despite his small size.


At his Louisville Pro Day, Tutu Atwell measured in at 5’9” and 155 lbs. Which equates to a BMI of 22.9. His 40-yard dash time was 4.44-seconds, his burst score was 114.6, and his agility score was 10.96. All of these metrics are pretty average for his size, but they are not awful which is all that matters for a WR. Tutu’s only red flag here would be his BMI, and his BMI being so low is a little scary. I do not feel BMI and size are too predictive for NFL success, but we just haven’t seen anyone this small before so it is hard to say for sure.  


Rapid Reaction to Draft Capital: Great

Rapid Reaction to Landing Spot: Good

Tutu Atwell was selected with the 57th-overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Rams.


The Rams drafting Tutu in the second round was awesome for his fantasy value, maybe even perfect. First off, he gets high day two capital which makes him way more likely to be relevant than if he fell to day three. Tutu gets to run wild in the short area of the field while Woods and Kupp can pull coverage to the sidelines and deep. As far as your fantasy team is concerned Tutu will be able to provide a consistent weekly floor with decent upside as a high-volume slot WR for Matt Stafford and the Rams. I will be targeting Tutu in the mid to late second round of 12-team, Superflex rookie drafts.

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