Devy Watch: Kelvin Harmon WR, N.C. State

Kelvin Harmon is a 2019 NFL-Draft eligible wide receiver prospect. Harmon, a Palmyra, New Jersey native, was considered a three-star prospect by 247Sports and the 87th overall wide receiver in the country. A one-time University of South Carolina commitment, Harmon elected to de-commit from South Carolina after former Head Coach, Steve Spurrier, resigned. Shockingly, Will Muschamp’s staff neglected to pursue Harmon, and that opened the door for other school’s to vie for his talents.

The University of Miami made a strong push for him as did Rutgers, his home-state flagship university. Ultimately, North Carolina State University won out for Harmon. He attended various camps as a high school player and was even crowned MVP at Rivals Camp – New Jersey. Harmon consistently separated from the state’s top defensive backs and caught almost everything thrown his way. He finished his high school career with 165 catches, 2,764 yards, and 36 touchdowns. Here is a clip of him running some routes at the aforementioned Rivals camp.

Kelvin Harmon running routes Rivals-NJ Camp 2015

Listed at 6’3” and two hundred thirteen pounds, Harmon possesses prototypical NFL WR1 size. He is a very strong player with a thick muscular build who is a challenge to jam at the line of scrimmage. He has developed the nickname, “Julio” due to his uncanny likeness to Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver, Julio Jones. Harmon shows proficiency in hand-fighting at the line and has the necessary burst to get past defenders if they don’t get their hands on him early.

Kelvin Harmon tough to jam wins vertical for TD v. WF 2016

Kelvin Harmon violent at LOS nice route v. Clemson 2016

Both of the above clips show Harmon can create separation in a variety of ways. In the first clip, he does an outstanding job of timing his release with his hand swat. By doing so, he has already scored the touchdown in that first second after the snap. In the second clip, he shows his strength on the swat again and runs a very nice curl route that leaves the Miami Dolphin’s 3rd round draft pick, Cordrea Tankersley, looking foolish. The ability to run a quality route like that makes him a great asset to his quarterback and a nightmare to defend for a defensive back.

I previously mentioned his strength. This is an area that I’d like to highlight further with a few examples. In the below clip, he runs a quick hitch route to the sticks that should be a gain of roughly six yards and enough to move the chains. Instead, he makes the catch and powers through the defensive back, displaying great leg drive and picks up another six or seven additional yards.

Kelvin Harmon tough to bring down v. ODU 2016

The next clip shows a quick slant that he ran against Syracuse. It’s tough to see here, but the cornerback tries to jam him at the line, but he fights him off initially and again after the catch taking it sixty-eight yards to the house. Harmon continuously shows his unique blend of speed and strength.

Kelvin Harmon slant, broken tackle, long speed TD v. Cuse 2016

Harmon is a terrific high-pointer of the football.

Kelvin Harmon high point v. Bill & Mary 2016

Kelvin Harmon high point v. Clemson 2016

Two things that separate Harmon from others and put him in the elite category for me are his body control and catch radius. Both are insane. If you want to see a wide receiver that can regularly make acrobatic catches – Harmon is your guy. He catches everything thrown his way.

Kelvin Harmon EZ circus catch v. Louisville 2016

Kelvin Harmon EZ circus catch v. BC 2016

Kelvin Harmon acrobatic catch for TD v. WF 2016

The main area of opportunity for growth I see in Harmon’s game is that he sometimes lets the ball get in on his body while catching it. That pattern dates back to his high school film. It hasn’t hindered his production as far as I can tell. Below is an example of a throw where he let the ball get in on him, but he still pulls it in and created an explosive play.

Kelvin Harmon body catch v. Miami 2016

Harmon saw forty-five targets in 2016. He caught twenty-seven of them for 462 yards (17.1 yards per catch – 60% catch rate) and scored 5 touchdowns. That is a very good combination of explosiveness and efficiency. In 2016, Harmon had a 131.9 passer rating while targeted, which is good for the second highest of any returning wide receiver in the ACC – per Harmon was only targeted eleven times in the red zone, catching six and scoring two touchdowns.

Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson are the two players that Harmon mentioned when being asked who he modeled his game after. I can see traits of both players in his game. The collegiate player that he reminds me of most is SMU wide receiver, Courtland Sutton. Both players have unique blends of size, speed, strength and have freakish catch radii. The biggest difference being that Harmon was in his first year of college as an eighteen-year-old while Sutton was twenty-one years old and in his third year of a collegiate strength program.

I believe Harmon is already the more polished receiver and is likely the superior athlete to Sutton. I mention that simply to illustrate how Harmon compares to my highest rated 2018 wide receiver. In a recent draft, I selected him in the second round of a Devy startup. While a majority of my league mates felt that was a reach; I believe it is a proper valuation and one I expect to see more mainstream in Devy drafts next season.




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