Change of Scenery: Miami to Dallas

It’s that time of year where we see old faces find homes in new places. Sometimes a change of scenery can be bad, but it also can be good. I think in the case we’re about to discuss, it’s a win-win for both the player and the team. The Dolphins had been trying to trade defensive end, Robert Quinn, as soon as the season was over as they embark on a major overhaul. They were even willing to eat some of his salary as they did with other players they traded this offseason. They had no takers early on, and it was beginning to look as if they would have to hold onto him one more season. But they were patient and it paid off as a very needy team emerged. That needy team was America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys!

Let’s go back and set the stage on how this all unfolded. It all started just before free agency opened when the Cowboys slapped star defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence with the franchise tag. We all know how this works with star players, but hold on I’ll touch on this more in just a few minutes. There is much more to this part of the story to be told. So backing up a bit, with teams deciding what to do as far as franchise tags and free agents possibilities, the Cowboys were once again hit with a player making a bonehead decision. If you don’t know, the Cowboys have a history with such type players. Anyway, this particular player happens to be a repeat offender. Yep, you guessed it, its the one and only Randy Gregory. Tell him what he’s won, Jerry: it’s yet another indefinite suspension! Again for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Super talented, but he just can’t get out of his own way it seems. It really is a shame, because he has the tools to be a star.

He had six sacks in fourteen games and was getting back to what he was when he starred at Nebraska. Just when it appeared he was on right track and showing flashes of what he could be, he threw it away. Next up, with free agency just a week from opening, the Cowboys starting defensive tackle David Irving went on Instagram and posted this, “So, basically guys, I quit,” Irving said. “I’m outta there. I’m not doing this sh*t no more.” Here’s the link on Twitter if you’d like to see him throw his career away. It’s a shame; he was a really talented player who made an impact when on the field. Here’s the kicker to this story. He announced he’s quitting just six days after the NFL suspended him for the third time in as many years for violation of the league’s substance abuse policy. It’s the classic “You can’t fire me, cause I quit” bit lol. So now comes the interesting part. We’ve set the backstory leading up to this point. Nothing you can do about boneheads, so do the best you can and move on without them. Now let’s jump back to Mr. Lawrence. As I mentioned, the Cowboys slapped him with the franchise tag for the second straight season, setting Lawrence to make $20.5 million for 2019. Right away, he answered by saying he wouldn’t play under the tag for a 2nd season. Let the contract games begin. With a threat of a holdout looming ahead, they begin to try and work a deal for him long term. Well, fast forward ahead to date and there has been no progress. What’s even more troubling is that Lawrence needs to have surgery, and he’s stating he’s not doing it until his contract situation is settled. With a three to four month timetable for recovery, we’re beginning to push into possible games being missed. This is as ugly as it seemed it could get with no end in sight. Stay tuned for further developments.

With all this turmoil going on, Dallas had to make a move to bolster their depleted defensive line. Here’s where the talks of trading for Robert Quinn of the Dolphins came into play. It’s the classic supply and demand game. With this being such a talented and heavy defensive line draft, one would expect the Cowboys to get some much-needed help here, but they need a quick fix short term. So they checked in with the Miami Dolphins on veteran defensive end Robert Quinn. It took both sides to agree on a deal, which was the Cowboys sending a 2020 sixth-round pick to the Dolphins for Quinn. Quickly after the trade, they signed him to a new deal of one year for $9.2 million reduced deal. In his early years with the Rams, Quinn was a double-digit sack machine. But after some injuries, he just hasn’t been what he once was. He’s still capable of recording 7-10 sacks a year, and it will be huge for the Cowboys to have some semblance of a pass rush. If they can get that kind of production out of him, they have to be pleased. Everything else will just be gravy.

Now let’s take a look at the fantasy impact. Don’t go getting all excited and throwing all your eggs in his basket. Be smart and set sensible expectations and you can get a decent return. Don’t rely on him to be a starter for you, but he could be a nice depth piece. He’s in a good situation to see a lot of snaps and playing in front of a really good group of linebackers. He should have a lot of plays funneled his way and opportunity is a big part of fantasy football. Again, expect the floor and not the ceiling with him and he could be a viable piece. A realistic production from him on the season would be 30 plus tackles and six to eight sacks. Everything he gives you after that is just a bonus. He’s a great buy low or cheap waiver option right now. Quinn is worth a flyer given the chance that he starts hot out the gate, and you could flip him quickly for a better, underperforming piece. He’s not a long term dynasty option but is a suitable depth piece.

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