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Four Devy RBs That Will Increase in Value

Nicholas Singleton comes into Penn State already equipped with an NFL build at 6’0” 210 lbs. and the data shows we can expect RBs to gain anywhere from 10-15 lbs. in college. When the time that he is draft eligible comes, he will have prototypical workhorse size. One of his best attributes is his burst through the line of scrimmage and his effortless lateral agility without decelerating to make defenders miss while still keeping that top-end speed.

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Skyy Moore: Draft or Pass

Skyy Moore is an intriguing prospect in the 2022 class. The WR coming out of Western Michigan University dominated the MAC since he stepped on the field. There are people with concerns about why he wasn’t at a big school but there is simple reasoning for that. Throughout his high school career, he played QB and CB so schools never saw what he was capable of at receiver. 

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Wan’Dale Robinson: Draft or Pass

Wan’Dale Robinson is currently the most disrespected prospect in the 2022 Rookie Class by far as he’s slotted as a late second/early third-round rookie pick. The only reason I continue to see people point to is that his size will be an issue. What those people fail to realize is that the NFL is changing quickly and they are valuing the guys with short-area quickness that allow their quarterbacks to get the ball into playmakers’ hands and let them pick up yardage. I am well aware Daniel Jones is as far as possible from Tom Brady but the notion that small slot players can’t dominate targets on offense is overstated.

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Did We Just Witness the Best WR room in College Football History?

Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba combined for 3,600/4,952 (73%) of Ohio State’s team passing yards as well as 34/46 (74%) of total passing TDs. Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson have gone down as two of the best Buckeye receivers ever after going back-to-back in the NFL Draft at number 10 and 11 overall. Jaxon on the other hand, who was the most productive of the three, will be back in Columbus for his junior season where he’s been named a team captain and he’s one of the favorites to bring home the Biletnikoff Award. Let’s take a deeper look into each of these players and why we may have just witnessed the best WR room in the history of college football.

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Draft or Pass: Jameson Williams

Jameson Williams is one of the most intriguing prospects in the ’22 class. Williams tore his ACL in January but had an incredible season for Alabama before being named as a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award, which is awarded to the nation’s most outstanding WR in college. His incredible speed was displayed every weekend, regularly gashing opponents for chunk gains and long touchdowns, whether through the air or the return game, finishing his junior season with 79 catches for 1572 yards and 15 TDs. The only hole in his statistical profile is that he essentially did nothing until he got to Bama; with Ohio State, he totaled just 15 catches for 266 yards and 3 TDs in his first two seasons combined. Jameson offers a skill set that is required on every single NFL roster, his field-stretching ability could change the potential of an offense as well as possibly elevate other players around him, but I don’t think his stats will be a good representation of his value for the team that drafts him. 

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