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Chris Olave

Mid-season 2022 Rookie Wide Receiver Values Check in

The NFL season has almost reached its midway point. Things are getting tough in the fantasy football streets. Injuries are destroying the hopes and dreams of many fantasy managers. While the weekly grind can sometimes seem overwhelming, it’s important in dynasty to take some time for reflection. Now that we have a decent sample size of NFL play from the 2022 rookie class, we can start to make more accurate valuations on certain players.

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Trade Ideas for the Upcoming 2023 Free Agent Running Backs

In dynasty, you have to be a step ahead of your competition. Everyone is captivated by the impressive incoming 2023 rookie running back class and rightfully so, it should be a fantastic influx of talent. However, my contrarian personality wants to gain an edge over this fact rather than going along with the flow. Since there is so much talent in the upcoming rookie class, the 2023 free agent class is flying under the radar. Now is an excellent time to familiarize yourself with the upcoming free agent class before everyone else does. Here is a list of the upcoming 2023 free agents. The current competition on the free agent’s team is included because their value could be affected as much as the actual free agents.

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