Always Have a Backup Plan: The Jimmy Garoppolo Story

“Down goes Frazier!” is all I could think when I watched the San Francisco 49ers’ game today. If you waited until the 11th or 12th round to get Jimmy Garoppolo and didn’t back him up, hearing that he is done for the season must have been a nightmare. What’s even worse, if you have Kittle or Goodwin on your team you’re probably thinking, “Game over man, game over!” Well, first breathe. If you started Jimmy today, you probably had a good game, so let’s see if we can weather the storm.

First, let’s try and find a replacement if you didn’t draft two QBs to begin with. Here are a couple of names to look for on the waiver wire that can help you out.

-Andy Dalton, ranked #9, didn’t really have a good week, but he is a good option. With upcoming games against the Steelers’ poor defense and the NFC South defenses, he looks like he’s in for a very good season. He is owned in 28.6% of leagues, so grab him if you can.

-Number two on my list is Blake Bortles–yes, “Bortles!” (The Good Place fans, raise your hands). Now, before you throw me out the window and nail the shutters closed, hear me out. He is ranked #8 in fantasy right now, and yes, it will be an up-and-down year with him. But if you can get him, you might win a couple of games–especially since he finished top 10 two out of the last three years, and he can run so he brings that to the table.

-And it’s my pleasure to introduce number three on my list: Baker Mayfield. Yes, I said Baker “Money” Mayfield. He has the tools he needs to be great since he puts zip on the ball and understands the game plan the coaches have put in place. And as the first overall draft pick that everyone thought was a mistake, he’s also a long shot and who doesn’t like the long shot?

-Number four on my list is Josh Allen—did you see what he did to the Vikings today? If you didn’t, check his stat log, which is getting better every week. He’s also mobile and big, with a strong arm, which could equal big plays in the passing game.

-Number five and the ace-in-the-hole Jared Goff, who I call “West Side.” No, he isn’t Joe Montana and Todd Gurley is carrying that team, but Goff is playing some good football and should probably finish top ten by season’s end. He’s finding a lot of his targets and throws at least 2 TDs a game. An added bonus is that the Rams play the AFC West this year. Having teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, and the Oakland Raiders left on the schedule will help his bottom line when it comes to stats and efficiency.

As far as the effects Jimmy’s injury will have on the rest of the 49er team, all I can say is back your guys up. Jimmy is a better passer than Beathard so don’t expect the same numbers from Kittle and Goodwin. Kittle is the #14 ranked tight end in PPR leagues, averaging 11 points a game. I’m sure that will come down to around 9 points a game, so that makes him a match-up tight end at best. Goodwin is a boom-or-bust type player because he’s not used for short gains across the middle even though he is a deep threat. So he shouldn’t be a main starter anyway, not even at the flex. He is a match-up based starter only so hit the waiver wire and leave Goodwin on the bench. He has only played one full game and only scored 11.8 points against that bad Kansas City defense. Keep Breida–he will continue to give you good production throughout the year.

So what did we learn from this experience? Always draft a backup QB. When Watson got injured last year, I lost my league because of it. How, you might ask? I traded Cam Newton after three big games and staked my whole season on Watson. When I lost Watson, I lost my whole season. Keep grinding, Fantasy players and remember, “I am with the force and the force is with me.”


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