Against the Spread: NFL Week 3

For those of you checking us out for the first time, I’m @DFF_Biscuits. My role at Dynasty Football Factory is to embrace our inner degenerate by covering all things sportsbook related. Each week I’ll be writing two pieces; one will be my weekly picks against the spread. The second article will focus on specific player props.

For the ATS (against the spread) articles, I will provide analysis on three bets that I feel have the best chance at netting you a nice payday. Whether it be due to matchups, injuries, or other factors, these are the three bets I feel the most confident in placing. I will also make predictions on the rest of the week’s spreads. 

To keep myself accountable, I’ll be keeping track of my wins and losses on the three bets I provide analysis on. These predictions are more “gut feel”, but you should still feel free to use them to help you place your wagers!

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I’m so excited to be back covering another season! Let’s get started.

Week 2 Recap

A perfect 3-0 on our in-depth picks is overshadowed by one of the worst injury days I’ve ever witnessed watching the NFL. While I primarily write on sports betting, I am also an avid fantasy football player. So trust me Barkley and CMC owners, I feel you. This was brutal.

Overall we again went 9-7-0 bringing our record to 18-14-0. I suppose a net positive is a good thing but I’m still eager to get that really good week!  

Biscuits is 2-0 in 2020! Despite the early injury to Lock, Biscuits escaped with Denver (+6.5) making her dad’s pick look silly in the process. Make sure to follow for her weekly picks.

In-depth picks: 4-2-0

Overall: 18-14-0

Titans (-2.5) at Vikings

A little shameless with the self-promotion here, but if I had a “lock” for this week this would be it. Oddsmakers must be discounting the Titans after they nearly fell to the Jaguars. However, despite all the preseason narrative, the Jaguars have played tough and took it to their AFC South opponents. The Titans are still 2-0 and lead their division. 

Meanwhile, I’ll let head coach Mike Zimmer sum up the Viking’s recent performances:

Right now we’re not very good at anything.”

Yeesh. Okay coach.

This line opened at -2 and has already jumped to -2.5. Grab this before it gets to -3 and you’re settling for a push.

Cowboys at Seahawks (-4.5)

Much has been made of the epic Falcons collapse against the Cowboys, but in case you missed it here’s a great summary.

The Cowboys had no business winning that game, with the Falcons blowing a 99.9% win chance on defensive and special teams gaffes. Meanwhile, the Seahawks are coming off a statement win against a surprisingly tough Patriots unit. I expect Seattle to jump to an early lead against Dallas in this one. But unlike their feathered brethren to the East, the Seahawks won’t give it up.

 Jets at Colts (-10.5)

At this point, I’m going to pick against the Jets until they prove me wrong. The Colts decimated a bad team last week. I imagine they’ll do the same next week as well.

The Rest…

You can find all the Week 3 odds here, and my picks in bold below.

Dolphins (+3) at Jaguars

Bears at Falcons (-3.5)

Raiders at Patriots (-5.5)

49’ers (-4) at Giants

Bengals (+6) at Eagles

Texans at Steelers (-4)

Rams (+2) at Bills

Washington (+7) at Cleveland

Panthers (+6.5) at Chargers

Lions at Cardinals (-5.5)

Buccaneers (-6) at Broncos

Packers (+3.5) at Saints

Chiefs (+3.5) at Ravens

Disagree with my picks? Have any more information that I should be looking at? Feel free to DM me on Twitter at @DFF_Biscuits!

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