2020 DFF Weekly Preview

Unlike my usual articles, this one will have nothing to do with the NFL itself or even anything specifically related to fantasy football. Instead, I want to do a little preview of what’s to come from the DFF team during the 2020 season. We’re going to do weekly article series for dynasty, redraft, devy, IDP, and even DFS. Of course, we’ll cover breaking news and other topics outside of solely this content, but we’re committing to providing an excellent base of weekly content. Let’s go through what we will cover, department by department.


Waiver Wire

The dynasty waiver wire is pretty essential. It’s the best way to accumulate added value to your dynasty team and is vital for the active dynasty owner. We’ll be there for you with recommended pickups every week for 1QB and superflex leagues and shallow and deep formats.

DFF Divisional Nuggets (2 per week)

Each week, we’ll cover two divisions, one from the AFC and one from the NFC. You’ll hear from two separate writers, who will each break down the dynasty assets for each team in their division. The same writer will cover the same division throughout the season to bring some continuity to their takes. While we won’t cover every player every week, this piece will provide a good opportunity for a general overview of eight teams each week.

Sleeper of the Week

This article will cover a single player at a time. Many dynasty owners could benefit from added awareness of sleepers before they break out into the mainstream. Some players last season that rose out of nowhere include DeVante Parker, Darius Slayton, Preston Williams, etc. By reading this article, you’ll jump in front of your league mates in finding the next big sleeper.

Risers and Fallers

As we all know, dynasty values change every day, especially during the season. Here, we’ll cover the biggest risers and fallers based on both performance and injuries. Also, we’ll provide dynasty recommendations for what to do with these players on the trade market, as trading is the lifeblood of dynasty leagues.

Rookie Stock Market

As dynasty owners, we all love to look at rookies during draft season. However, after the rookie draft, we sometimes lose sight of rookie development as they mix into the general player pool. Here, we’ll focus specifically on rookies and how they’re gaining and losing value based on their play. Rookies can be tricky to trade or handle in dynasty leagues, so we want to help our readership manage their rookie assets.


Waiver Wire

Of course, the waiver wire is the most critical part of playing in redraft leagues. Each week, we’ll bring you recommended waiver wire pickups, focusing mostly on the running back and wide receiver positions. We’ll cover long-term pickups, weekly plays, and everything in-between. Also, as FAAB is the dominant waiver system, this article will cover FAAB bidding and strategy both for that specific week and for redraft leagues in general.


Streaming quarterback, tight end, and D/ST can provide a massive edge over your redraft league mates. This piece will comprehensively cover the entire streaming process, providing options for you to pick up for the coming week based on matchups. We’ll offer both shallow and deep league options and also explain streaming strategy throughout the season. I wrote this column last season, and I’m excited to write it again this season.


Trading isn’t as common in redraft leagues as in dynasty leagues, but it’s still a part of the game. Player values fluctuate even faster in redraft, as there’s only one relevant season. This column will help your trading strategy and allow you to gain a step up on your league mates. We’ll also try to open your eyes to some new trading strategies because getting you to think differently is what we want to do as writers.


You have to start the right players to win that week’s matchup. While we have this article in the redraft section, it applies to all leagues where you choose weekly starters. We won’t waste your time with prominent stars like Christian McCaffrey or Michael Thomas here. The goal is to help you make those tough decisions and decide on that WR3 or Flex position.

One Week Ahead

In redraft leagues, it’s a week-to-week game. With that in mind, looking ahead a week is the newest way to gain an edge on your league mates. Finding that streaming quarterback or D/ST in advance or that wide receiver with a strong matchup can be that boost you need to win the following week. Especially in 2020, players will miss games late in the week, allowing you to shift them to IR and pick up additional players. Therefore, I expect this piece to be especially relevant.

DFF Redraft Championship Recap

As a DFF crew, 12 of us are playing in a 2020 redraft league, which will have its draft on August 31st. Each of us will write-up our thoughts on that draft, but we’ll also provide regular coverage on the league during the season. Whether it’s standings, trades, waiver wire, or just fun events, we’ll make sure to bring you everything going on in this great league.


Breakout Player

While we’re not exactly sure what we’re going to see from the college football season, it looks like there will be at least some college football in the fall. Therefore, we need to cover breakout players, as new devy talents jump onto the scene every week. We’ll cover one player at a time in this article, bringing you that hype train.

Draft Stock Watch

Even though some devy leagues have a college fantasy portion, most devy owners care the most about the NFL Draft. Every week, players move up and down scouts’ and NFL teams’ draft boards, affecting their devy and dynasty value. Even big names can have massive value swings based on performance or, most notably, based on injuries.

Campus to Canton Coverage

Speaking of fantasy leagues with a college fantasy portion, Campus to Canton leagues are the new craze in devy circles. There is both a college and NFL fantasy football portion in a Campus to Canton league, with each counting toward league standings. In 2020, I’m sure Campus to Canton leagues will have extra complications and wrinkles to address, so we’ll bring you all the coverage.


Waiver Wire

While I might not be an IDP expert, we’re still covering IDP as a site. Like any other format, there will be waiver wire pickups in IDP leagues. I’ve heard that the waiver churn is far more significant in IDP leagues than in traditional formats, so I expect this article to be insightful and provide substantial value.


In the IDP wrap-up, we’ll give you a general report of what happened in the previous week for IDP leagues. We’ll cover injuries, strong and weak performances, depth chart changes, and much more. If it’s vital to IDP, we’ll cover it here.


Weekly Plays

While we don’t have a dedicated DFS department, we still want to bring some DFS content to the table. That’s why we will cover the main slate each week and offer a few suggestions for both cash games and tournament formats. Also, DFS is extremely fun, so why not cover it!

Thanks for reading this article. You can find me on Twitter at @DFF_Karp. I love to interact with anyone in the community, so reach out at any time! I take fantasy questions and help with all formats, so keep sending those questions my way.


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