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2017 Devy Mock Draft

While most of the dynasty fantasy football community gears up for NFL draft season by turning their focus to the incoming rookie class, the Devy team here at DFF has their attention on the college football landscape in our first Devy mock of the season. Hopefully, this mock helps guide Devy football players through their upcoming Devy drafts and help each other get a sense of where players will likely land throughout drafts. You will notice the obvious choices in the first few rounds, but there are also some names that many people have not heard yet. Devy is a rapidly growing concept in the dynasty industry so whether you are new to this or not, mock drafts tend to be very insightful. We would like to say thanks to Lukas, Zack, Jake, and Frank for volunteering to help us out with the mock. It was great to hear their opinions on how they value these players. Click their names after their selections and give them a follow on Twitter.  

Take a look and feel free to share your thoughts on Twitter or in the DFF Devy forum on our website.

Round 1

1.01 – Derrius Guice | RB | LSU | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Tim)

1.02 – Saquon Barkley | RB | Penn State | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Jeremy)

1.03 – Courtland Sutton | WR | SMU | rs-Junior | 2018 draft eligible(Lawrence)

1.04 – Nick Chubb | RB | Georgia | Senior | 2018 draft eligible (Lukas)

1.05 – DeKaylin Metcalf | WR | Ole Miss | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Jason)

1.06 – James Washington | WR | Oklahoma State | Senior | 2018 draft eligible (Doc)

1.07 – N’Keal Harry | WR | Arizona State | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Zack)

1.08 – Equanimeous St. Brown | WR | Notre Dame | Junior | 2018 (Greg)

1.09 – Christian Kirk | WR | Texas A&M | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Jake)

1.10 – Calvin Ridley | WR | Alabama | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Frank)

1.11 – Kalen Ballage | RB | Arizona State | Senior | 2018 draft eligible (Cody)

1.12 – Deon Cain | WR | Clemson | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Brad)

Round 1 Recap: You could probably take the top-4 players in our mock at any spot interchangeably and not be making a mistake. They are all great players. There were no real surprises until Pick 1.05 when Metcalf was selected, making him the first 2019 draft eligible player taken. Taking him at this point demonstrates how high our expectations are of the highly recruited WR. Everyone expects him to be a 1.01 kind of player in his rookie class. Speaking of 1.01, James Washington at 1.06 is a tremendous value pick. He will be one of the first WRs drafted in the NFL next year, likely high in the first round. The rest of the first round shows some great prospects as expected, with N’Keal Harry being one that stands out. Another 2019 draft eligible player that is not quite a household name, even among the devy community… yet! That’ll change soon.

Round 2

2.01 – Royce Freeman | RB | Oregon | Senior | 2018 draft eligible (Tim)

2.02 – Josh Rosen | QB | UCLA | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Jeremy)

2.03 – Ronald Jones II | RB | USC | Junior | 2018 draft eligible(Lawrence)

2.04 – Auden Tate | WR | Florida State | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Lukas)

2.05 – L.J. Scott | RB | Michigan State | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Jason)

2.06 – Jordan Villamin | WR | Oregon State | Senior | 2018 draft eligible (Doc)

2.07 – Elijah Holyfield | RB | Georgia | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Zack)

2.08 – Ahmmon Richards | WR | Miami | Sophomore | 2018 draft eligible (Greg)

2.09 – Cam Akers | RB | Florida State | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible (Jake)

2.10 – Bryan Edwards | WR | South Carolina | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Frank)

2.11 – Myles Gaskin | RB | Washington | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Cody)

2.12 – Trayveon Williams | RB | Texas A&M | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Brad)

Round 2 Recap: The first thing I notice about Round 2 is the balance of upperclassmen and underclassmen. My favorite pick of this round is Royce Freeman at 2.01 (side note: I wanted him at 1.12, but I passed as an experiment just to see how far he would fall). There are a lot of talented running backs in this round, but I am guilty of being way too high on Freeman. Josh Rosen was the first quarterback off the board. He is probably the QB1 for the majority of devy owners. I do not have a problem with taking him in the second round. That is the price you have to pay. My affinity for Trayveon Williams led to him being the biggest reach in Round 2. Texas A&M brought him along slowly to begin the season then he caught fire in the middle only to finish as somewhat of a disappointment. In fact, due to the way he finished 2016, he could come at a value in drafts this summer. Finally, pay attention to these names: Ahmmon Richards and Bryan Edwards. As I put together my 2017 Devy WR rankings, both of these sophomores found a spot in my top 12.

Round 3

3.01 – Jerry Jeudy | WR | Alabama | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible (Tim)

3.02 – Binjimen Victor | WR | Ohio State | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Jeremy)

3.03 – A.J. Brown | WR | Ole Miss| Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible(Lawrence)

3.04 – Najee Harris | RB | Alabama | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible (Lukas)

3.05 – Allen Lazard | WR | Iowa State | Senior | 2018 draft eligible (Jason)

3.06 – Mike Weber | RB | Ohio State | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Doc)

3.07 – Demetris Robertson | WR | California | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Zack)

3.08 – Antonio Callaway | WR | Florida | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Greg)

3.09 – Donovan Peoples-Jones | WR | Michigan | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible (Jake)

3.10 – Bo Scarbrough | RB | Alabama | rs-Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Frank)

3.11 – Jauan Jennings | WR | Tennessee | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Cody)

3.12 – Richie James | WR | MTSU | rs-Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Brad)

Round 3 Recap: The first half of round three is trending more in the direction of youth, and it looks like this is a point where drafters are looking to get top prospects in their class rather than adding depth players from the 2018 class. A player that could’ve been had a little later, in my opinion, is Binjimen Victor. He was a name I monitored in a few devy drafts last year but always seemed to get sniped right before I was willing to take him. This round featured a lot of talent at the wide receiver position including two young critical Devy pieces in Jerry Jeudy and Donovan Peoples-Jones. Running back Bo Scarbrough finally got his recognition during Alabama’s run to the College Football Playoff this year, but I am a little weary of him because of his age. He is going to be a 24-year-old rookie, and that gives me some pause. I think the biggest sleeper of the round is Richie James who was selected at 3.12 and he is still flying under the radar for most of the Devy community. He is a must own as his value should skyrocket this coming season.

Round 4

4.01 – Trevon Grimes | WR | Ohio State | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible (Tim)

4.02 – Terry Godwin | WR | Georgia | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Jeremy)

4.03 – Josh Allen | QB | Wyoming | rs-Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Lawrence)

4.04 – Jake Wieneke | WR | South Dakota State | Senior | 2018 draft eligible (Lukas)

4.05 – Miles Sanders | RB | Penn State | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Jason)

4.06 – Rico Dowdle | WR | South Carolina | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Doc)

4.07 – Sam Darnold | QB | USC | rs-Sophomore | 2018 draft eligible (Zack)

4.08 – Austin Mack | WR | Ohio State | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Greg)

4.09 – Jacques Patrick | RB | Florida State | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Jake)

4.10 – Tee Higgins | WR | Clemson | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible (Frank)

4.11 – Sony Michel | RB | Georgia | Senior | 2018 draft eligible (Cody)

4.12 – Tyrie Cleveland | WR | Florida | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Brad)

Round 4 Recap: The first thing that pops out to me about the fourth round is the selection of Jake Wieneke. This pick is the first and only pick of an FCS player. Jake has tremendous size and has had great production thus far in this career. I will point towards myself for a slight reach in the round. I took Austin Mack out of Ohio State this round. I’m a big fan of Mack, but I believe I still could have gotten him a round or two later but felt I needed to snag him when I could. The fourth round saw seven different wide receivers selected including two true freshmen in Trevon Grimes and Tee Higgins. Higgins is one of my favorite incoming wideouts for the 2020 draft class. The fourth also saw two quarterbacks selected. Josh Allen and Sam Darnold both redshirt juniors. Both should generate first round NFL Draft buzz for 2018. Darnold is in a big position to have a potential Heisman run this coming season if he can build on his 2016 performance.

Round 5

5.01 – Stephen Carr | RB | USC | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible (Tim)

5.02 – Antonio Williams | RB | Ohio State | Sophomore | 2018 draft eligible (Jeremy)

5.03 – George Campbell | WR | Florida State | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Lawrence)

5.04 – Deebo Samuel | WR | South Carolina | rs-Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Lukas)

5.05 – Miles Boykin | WR | Notre Dame | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Jason)

5.06 – Kyle Davis | WR | Auburn | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Doc)

5.07 – Jhamon Ausbon | WR | Texas A&M | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible (Zack)

5.08 – Tavien Feaster | RB | Clemson | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Greg)

5.09 – J.K. Dobbins | RB | Ohio State | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible (Jake)

5.10 – Damien Harris | RB | Alabama | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Frank)

5.11 – Simmie Cobbs | WR | Indiana | Senior | 2018 draft eligible (Cody)

5.12 – Joseph Lewis | WR | USC | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible (Brad)

Round 5 Recap: While reviewing round 5 I was surprised at some of the freshman running backs that went before Alabama RB Damien Harris. Harris has above average athleticism with good size and runs in the upper 4.4s. He has looked good when given the opportunity. There is no doubt USC RB Stephen Carr, Ohio State RB Antonio Williams, and Ohio State RB J.K. Dobbins are very good running backs, but we have no idea what they will be at the college level. In saying that, I am excited about all three of them. I do have a slight concern about Williams’ speed, but my God does that kid have outstanding play strength. Clemson RB Tavien Feaster is extremely athletic and should have a good opportunity to showcase his ability in the 2017’ season.

Two names at wide receiver that stood out to me were FSU WR George Campbell and Notre Dame WR Miles Boykin. Both are similar in height at roughly 6’4”. Boykin is in the 220s while Campbell weighs in at 207 according to Boykin and Campbell should have great 2017 campaigns with opportunity on the rise. I am personally anxious to see if  Campbell’s potential 4.36 speed manifests in his game play.

Round 6

6.01 – Jeff Thomas | WR | Miami | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible (Tim)

6.02 – Darren Carrington | WR | Oregon | Senior | 2018 draft eligible (Jeremy)

6.03 – Salvon Ahmed | RB | Washington | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible(Lawrence)

6.04 – Chris Evans | RB | Michigan | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Lukas)

6.05 – Jordan Scarlett | RB | Florida | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Jason)

6.06 – Rawleigh Williams | RB | Arkansas | Junior | 2019 draft eligible (Doc)

6.07 – Mark Andrews | TE | Oklahoma | Senior | 2018 draft eligible (Zack)

6.08 – Tyrell Shavers | WR | Alabama | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible (Greg)

6.09 – Alize Jones | TE | Notre Dame | Junior | 2018 draft eligible (Jake)

6.10 – Keith Gavin | WR | Florida State | Sophomore | 2019 draft eligible (Frank)

6.11 – D’Andre Swift | RB | Georgia | Freshman | 2020 draft eligible (Cody)

6.12 – Michael Gallup | WR | Colorado State | Senior | 2018 draft eligible (Brad)

Round 6 Recap: As round 6 started I almost felt like extending the mock a few more rounds because of the amount of important Devy pieces still available. I chose Salvon Ahmed at 6.03, and it was a huge reach. I believe in his talent and the ability he has to score on any given play. More or less I just wanted to get his name on paper to give people an idea of a late round sleeper (should have kept him a secret). It took 6 rounds, but two tight ends were finally selected. It just so happens that they are 2 of my top 3 Devy tight ends. The biggest value for me in this round is Jordan Scarlett. He has shown the type of back he can be and has completely taken over games. It all depends on his will and ability to continue that trend though and doing it on a consistent basis. D’Andre Swift is another very good back who likely takes the reigns at Georgia when their 3 headed monster in the backfield makes the transition to the NFL.

The Takeaway:

Brad – It was just one year ago that Trent Irwin, the talented yet unproven Stanford wide receiver, was highly sought after in devy drafts. This particular mock went 72 players deep, and I am not sure Irwin ever crossed anyone’s mind. I closed out the draft by choosing between two wide receivers – Michael Gallup and Memphis’ Anthony Miller – and to be honest, Irwin was never even in the mix.

Draft Winner: I was able to narrow it down to Jason and Zack. After almost no deliberation whatsoever, I went with Jason. He was better at the top and got great value late in my opinion.

Greg – By my count 26 players were selected from SEC schools. That’s over one-third of the players selected are currently at an SEC school. The talent that they keep getting is just mind blowing to me. I would imagine that won’t change much in the future.

Draft Winner: I really liked Zack’s team. Loved his first three picks in N’Keal Harry, Elijah Holyfield & Demetris Robertson. He topped that off with a sixth round selection of Mark Andrews out of Oklahoma. Andrews is a top notch receiving threat. He could find a great role in the NFL with his size and receiving ability.

Jason – Rankings are always on the move and players drop and rise all the time. If I had to make a call on who rises and who falls in the first round of this draft, I would have to say Clemson WR Deon Cain rises and Washington St WR James Washington falls. Time will tell if I’m right.

Draft Winner:  Looking at this mock draft, I really like what Jake did with his team. Getting Notre Dame TE Alize Jones with his last pick was icing on the cake.

Jeremy – These drafts solidify the tactic of simply choosing the players you value the highest when you’re on the clock. Don’t get cute. You can sort of guess where players are going to be taken, but you’d be wrong more than you’re right. Take your highest rated players first, regardless of eligibility – or you may not get another chance. These drafts also let you take advantage of the players who leave you asking, “what have you done for me lately?”. Several of them fell to the latter rounds and let us capitalize on value.

Draft Winner: Zack. Everyone took big name players and younger prospects that we expect to prosper. We all drafted well. However, all the players that Zack selected stand out to me. I couldn’t say that for all of our picks.

LJ – The top 3 players taken can all make a case for number 1. When drafting for Devy I usually like to lean on RB early because they are easier for me to project from a young age and they usually have a more immediate impact in the NFL than WRs do. One player’s name I was surprised to not hear called was Damarea Crockett from Missouri who can put together a nice career if he can solve his off-field issues.

Draft Winner: It’s a toss up for me between Jason and Lukas but since I can only choose one, it’s Jason. I like what he did by getting solid names throughout the entire draft and an elite group of running backs.

Thanks for reading. This won’t be our last mock draft of the offseason because things are sure to change as we get new information between now and the end of August. Follow us on Twitter and keep an eye out for an invite to the next one.


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