WR Equanimeous St. Brown, Notre Dame

Quickly emerging as the top wide receiver in the Notre Dame offense, Equanimeous St. Brown has turned heads due to his game play and his name. At 6’5” and 205 pounds, St. Brown is a huge target and a physical receiver.


Equanimeous St. Brown
Notre Dame
Sophomore Wide Receiver
6’5″ 205 lbs

Once a four star wide receiver out of Anaheim, California, ESPN, Rivals, and 247sports ranked him as a top-20 wide receiver in the nation in 2015. St. Brown is highly intelligent with a 4.0 GPA and speaks four languages (Spanish, German, French, and English). He can even read and write in German, English and French. In fact, St. Brown made his announcement to Notre Dame on ESPN in three languages (English, German, and French).

An article by Chris Johnson of SI.com explains that the origin of St. Brown’s first name came from the word equanimity, meaning “calm motions when dealing with problems or pressure.” If Equanimeous isn’t hard enough to say, his full name is Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown. Say that ten times fast. This is why most broadcast announcers have been known to call him “EQ”.

As a senior wide receiver at Servite High School in Anaheim, California, St. Brown made 32 receptions for 485 yards and four touchdowns. He also caught 42 passes for 725 yards and six touchdowns as junior in 2013.

During his freshman season at Notre Dame, St. Brown played sparingly as a reserve wide receiver and on special teams. Unfortunately, he suffered a shoulder injury during practice, forcing him to miss the final four games of the season. He ened the 2015 season with one catch and eight yards.


Size: Standing 6’5” and 205 pounds, St. Brown has very good size and stature for receiver. His noticeable arm length mixed with his size makes for a very good catch radius. He uses great awareness and concentration to win at the catch point. His size and very good body control allow for him to position his frame and square up his shoulders to high point the catch.

Hands: The famous acrobatic catch against Texas put St. Brown on the map. As an evaluator, this is the catch I was waiting for. St. Brown displayed excellent awareness, focus and concentration to track the ball and identify the catch point.

He has good, not great hands, but has shown improvement every game that I evaluate. He displays the ability to catch outside his frame. He extends his arms to get the most of his catch radius and frames the football with his hands.

Ability to get open: St. Brown does a great job of deceiving cornerbacks throughout the vertical stem. He uses his eyes and body jukes to force defenders to flip their hips in the wrong direction. He is not a great route runner, but is a smart route runner. He times his breaks and his cuts strategically at the top of his route. This allows him to create instant space even though he is hindered by his lack of lateral agility. He is faster than quick and has deceptive acceleration after the catch. He doesn’t necessarily have a second gear, but facilitates yards after the catch using very good ball carrier vision and field awareness.


Explosiveness: Having such an elongated frame is not the reason for St. Brown’s limited agility. He has very tight hips and has trouble sinking his hips when breaking in and out of routes. He is not exceptionally elusive or strong with the ball in his hands. His lack of functional strength hinders his ability to break tackles.

He has an average first step off the line with an adequate release. He’s a bit of a long strider so it takes time for him to build up speed. He will need to improve his footwork and technique when coming off the line of scrimmage.

Route Running: Notre Dame has not asked much of St. Brown in terms of route running. He is used mostly on slant, post and go routes. Notre Dame uses him consistently in the slant and cross over routes. He has the tendency to telegraph his breaks in his routes. His need to decelerate in order to shift his hips when changing direction plagues his timing with curl and hitch routes.


NFL teams cannot overlook a 6’5” wide receiver with great mental capacity and athletic ability. His thin frame is concerning, but his frame can facilitate 15 to 20 more pounds. St. Brown is a natural pass catcher with outstanding concentration and focus. He will need to improve his route running, footwork and his technique off the line of scrimmage. He will be a solid wide receiver in the NFL with a very high ceiling of potential.



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