Trading Post Series: Vol. 1

I think we can all agree that trading is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Dynasty Football. Regardless if you feel a trade was even or if you feel like you “won” the trade decidedly, just the act of pulling off a trade is a fun thing. This installment of Trading Post is the first in what will be a semi-regular series detailing trades that DFF writers have completed in their own leagues.

The League:


Starting requirements:

Number of Starting QBs: 1-2

Number of Starting RBs: 2-6

Number of Starting WRs: 3-7

Number of Starting TEs: 1-5

The Trade:

Marvel Sucks gave up Britt, Kenny LAR WR; Year 2017 Draft Pick 1.06

Darkseid gave up Dalton, Andy CIN QB;Adams, Davante GBP WR; Year 2017 Draft Pick 4.07

Dynasty Twitter:

In My Defense:Per Dynasty Twitter I was the clear cut loser in this trade. On the surface, I could see how that might be the outcome. But when you add context to the trade I think the results of this poll may shift in my favor.

I moved my 2017 1st round rookie pick in a previous trades and desperately wanted a pick in the top half of the 1st round with the incoming talent in this amazing draft class. Assuming I don’t flip the pick or trade up, at 1.06 I’m looking at Samaje Perine, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Christian McCaffrey, or – God forgive me – Joe Mixon. Either way, that pick should appreciate in value as draft day nears so trading it will remain an option. I also gave up a 4.07 in this trade, but frankly, there’s a better chance of getting hit by lightning while cashing in your winning $3 million lottery ticket than the player selected at 4.07 having a meaningful fantasy impact.

In addition, I did trade away Andy Dalton in a Superflex league, which I think may be the culprit to blame for my resounding Twitter ass whooping. Even after selling off the Red Rifle, I think…JJ Watt called him Red Ryder BB Gun, I still have Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Dak Prescott to man my QB positions. It would pretty much take an act of God for me to play Dalton over any of my other QBs.

Looking at the wide receivers swapped in the trade, I’ll admit it’s a downgrade from Adams to Britt. How much so is debatable.  Adams fantasy scoring was propped up by a 6.25% TD rate scoring 12 TDs on his 75 receptions. Of receivers with double-digit touchdowns in 2016, Adams had the lowest amount of targets, catches, and yards.  Britt, on the other hand, put up over 1,000 receiving yards with the worst QB play in the NFL outside of the abomination that is Brock Osweiler. (Editor’s note. This post was originally written prior to Cleveland trading for Brock Osweiler and a 2nd round pick) Welp this doesn’t help. Hopefully, reports indicating this is a salary dump by the Texans and that the Browns will move or cut Osweiler soon come to fruition.

Britt is a free agent and no matter where he ends up this offseason it has to be a better situation by default. My personal ranks have Adams at 25 and Britt at 35, largely due to the age disparity.

In Closing:

When I make trades I make them in the hopes of improving my team, not to necessarily “win” the trade in someone else’s eyes, I don’t need everyone else’s validation(I’m lying, I really do, please like me). The difference in scoring between Britt and Adams over the next two season will be negligible, so giving up a 4.07 was of no consequence and the addition of the 1.06 to my assets is more useful than a QB that I won’t start. If you agree, disagree, have any other thoughts on this trade please let me know in the comments. You can also yell at me on Twitter @DFF_Shane about any and everything Dynasty Football. 






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