Trading Post: Dear Lord, I need a QB!

I think we can all agree that trading is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Dynasty Football. Regardless if you feel a trade was even or if you feel like you “won” the trade decidedly, just the act of pulling off a trade is a fun thing. In this installment of the “Trading Post” I vastly overpay for a quarterback.

The League:

That F’n League

This is a Superflex league.

The Trade:

Dynasty Twitter:

Well then, I was annihilated in this trade it appears.

In My Defense:

As noted at the top of the page this is a Superflex league. Before this trade, my QB1 was Alex Smith, and my QB2 was either Matt Barkley or Josh McCown. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable starting any of those three gentlemen in a DFS GPP let alone patch working an entire season worth of lineups together with them. I did give up a young superstar receiver in Michael Thomas, but you need to pay to play. I feel much more secure sliding Alex Smith into that Superflex spot in the right matchups than I would have with him as a must start at QB every week. 

Currently, Mariota is ranked as my 3rd QB overall. I may be bullish on him, but after throwing for 3,426 yards 26 touchdowns and adding 349 yards on the ground in only his second season, I believe I am justified in my affinity for Mariota. Mariota was able to produce QB1(12th in per game average) fantasy points in a run heavy offense and average (at best) receiving options. It’d be hard to imagine the Titan’s don’t get Mariota some receiving help in the upcoming draft. 

In addition to good Michael Thomas, I did trade away rookie picks. I know rookie picks are worth their weight in gold and all, but it’s a 1.10 and a 2018 second. Rookie picks are at best a 50/50 proposition, so if I need to trade them away for a proven asset, I’ll do so 100 times out of 100. Furthermore, I still own three 2nd round 2017 rookie picks, and 3 2018 1st round picks. I had rookie picks to burn but a young stud QB I was something I was severely lacking.

In Closing:

I may have overpaid, in a vacuum for Mariota. But damn it, people, we don’t live in a vacuum. I’ve evolved in my thinking as it pertains to Superflex leagues. I used to believe you could live with mediocre QB play and just patch the position together with streamers and low-end starters. I no longer believe that. I’m now of the mind you better have at least one proven superstar(QB1) at the position and an average to slightly above average starter to for that Superflex position.

I don’t relish trading away players of the ilk of Michael Thomas. Supply and demand dictated that this is what I had to pay to obtain Marcus Mariota so it’s what I paid.


Thanks for reading this installment of the “Trading Post”

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