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Trading Places: DL Marcell Dareus

Buffalo Bills Impact

When I first heard the Bills moved him, I was not surprised at all. Buffalo has a new regime, and they have made it known, if you’re not part of the culture here, we will send you packing. On and off the field he has been a headache for the Bills organization.

Just like in any job where you’re working with people, if you have a bad apple who is bringing everyone else down, you could quickly have a bickering and an upset group who are distracted from the team goals. When you have a group, who are working together and helping each other your tasks can be met quickly and flawlessly. It’s the same approach in team building in football. Get a group on the same page and willing to win together. Talent is also beneficial, in both football and in our jobs.

What did the Bills gain? They have a locker room in harmony now. They cleared cap space. Added more draft picks into their 2018 arsenal. With 10 picks so far they will be ready to keep building through the draft. Good move for Buffalo. I like the pick and clearing up their roster spot and cap.

Jacksonville Jaguars Impact

Jacksonville gave up a 6th round pick to get him. Not a lot at all considering his potential. Reunited with former coach, Doug Marrone, perhaps will help turn his game around. Dareus had been worked back in slowly this season and started last week’s game which resulted in his best game of the year. Jacksonville must have wondered if they could get him back to being a dominating pass rusher to make their defense one to be feared. They have a fantastic defense and scheme that’s getting results. Perhaps we will see the Dareus of a few years ago? Maybe he lost his heart for the game? A 6th round pick in 2018 is a small price to pay to find out.

Fantasy Impact

In Fantasy, especially true in my start 2 DT and my DT premium leagues, I have held onto him waiting for this day. After he was sent home from Baltimore for missing a practice, I held out hope he would be put into a new situation with a new team. The Jags have a fun defense to watch and one that is stat friendly for us IDP owners. With an uptick in snaps, he should be a much better fantasy player. The Jags D-line potentially just got much stronger, and it was looking solid before this trade.

As an owner, I am holding him in those DT friendly leagues. If I were in a playoff race, I would be offering some feelers and see where the other owner is for his value. You know your scoring so suggest what you feel is worthy. In leagues that mix DTs and DEs, the value drops. Not worth a move for me. If you’re selling, I’d be around a late third to an early fourth to make me happy.

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