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Tools of the Trade: 12 Trading Tips

The following is a Special Edition and a list of “Tools” that the Dynasty Stock Report would like to offer its clients. The DSR wants to provide a list of best practices to help players make the best possible decisions as it relates to making trades in their Dynasty, Keeper, or Redraft leagues.

  1. Never be Afraid of Missing on a Trade – Nobody is going to “win” every trade. You are going to miss, and sometimes badly, on a player or a trade. It has happened to us all, and it will happen again. Never dwell on your mistakes, but learn from them as a way to prevent making the same mistakes again and again.
  2. Be Responsive and Timely – It’s been said that it takes zero effort to be a decent human. Well, it takes just slightly more effort than that to be a decent league mate. You shouldn’t make another owner wait forever on an answer to a trade offer. Take the two minutes to hit reject and then send a quick note stating “why” to the other owner. Or get crazy and hit accept. Don’t want any offers for David Johnson? Cool, send a league-wide message stating so. Looking to move your Jarvis Landry? Cool, set your trade bait so that other owners know who you are willing to move. Communication is key in any relationship and your fantasy leagues aren’t any different. Good communication will make your life and the lives of your fellow owners better.
  3. Fall in Love with the term “Return on Investment”- These are not people, they’re commodities that are to be bought, sold and held until the timing is right. They’re people in the real world, but not to us as dynasty players. We have an investment in each person on our rosters. Some were our previous rookie picks, some were acquired via trade, and some were free via the waiver wire, but they’re all expendable at some point. We need to ask ourselves routinely, “What is everyone’s current value?” And “Is it time to cash out on this guy?”
  4. Never Fall in Love with Players – This one is easier said than done. We all love the guy that won us a championship via a gritty, injury overcoming performance. Let it go! Let it go. It’s time to send that “hero” packing the minute his trade value outweighs his current performance. Also, know who each guy in your league loves. There is no easier way to get paid a guy’s retail value plus 20% than to find a sentimental sucker that can’t imagine his team without his “guy.” This works too if a guy has a favorite team as well. These type of owners will overpay for players from that team. Think of a Cowboys fan in your league. That Cowboys fan will give you his first born for a Dez or Zeke share.
  5. Use the Media/Social Media to Your Advantage – Always be aware of your player’s current status with the NFL media and within your Social Media. Owners tend to use this one backwards. We want to sell when a player is trending down and buy when that player is the current media darling. Have a player to move? Wait until they’ve had a good game or they’re currently popular on Twitter and then make your move. Attach a screenshot of a respected fantasy analyst saying good things about your player to any offer that you’ve sent. Got your eye on that special someone? Wait until he’s in a slump and getting killed online. That’s the time to swoop in and take that below market value shot at a player that you feel will rebound.
  6. Buy Low, Sell High – The greatest axiom in all of business. This point ties into Trade Tool #4, never move backward. Never chase the “It” player. Do you think Julio Jones has peaked? Then sell now. Don’t wait that one extra year to trade him, failing to maximize that return.
  7. No, that player is NOT Worth more because he’s on your roster – Don’t be the owner that feels like you need to get the retail price, plus 10%, for your player just because he’s on your roster. Other owners don’t care that you drafted him in the fourth round of your rookie draft and that you waited patiently for him to develop. That does not add to anyone’s actual value. We’re all in it to make a profit, but retail is retail.
  8. Always Get a Pick Thrown In – This “Tool” is the reset button to any trade. That pick can become the next “stud” with proper research and a little luck. Always get a rookie pick in your deals where you can, even a 4th or 5th round pick is shot at redemption should the established player acquired flame out.
  9. Know What Pick You’re Getting – Does that owner you’re getting a pick from have multiple picks in the same round? Make sure to get the pick that you perceive to have the most value. A 2nd isn’t always a 2nd. You’ll have a feel as to which pick is better based on the roster of its original owner. This isn’t an exact science, but it is an effort worth making.
  10. You Can’t Always Get Market Value – Your league mates aren’t dumb. They know David Johnson got hurt. They will not give you dollar for dollar on any player if they’re smart.
  11. Never pay for past production – Pay for what you think he can do going forward. Key for dealing aging vets. Consider this the tool the, “What Have You Done for Me Lately?” tool.
  12. Be Honest with Where Your Team is Currently – We all want to win the championship every year, or at least we should, but be honest when it’s rebuild time. Have you been 8-5, 7-6 or 6-7 consistently over the last few seasons? Have you barely missed the playoffs the last couple of seasons? It’s a hard pill to swallow, but the sooner you get to it will mean the sooner you get through it. Start selling off those valuable, older veterans to contenders and get some future rookie picks and younger, still developing 1st and 2nd-year guys.

Be Nice to all your potential business partners in these trades.  Remember the advice of Legendary gambler and poker player Amarillo Slim.  “You can sheer a sheep a 100, but you can only skin it once.”

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