#TomBomb: Las Vegas Raiders

You know, it’s funny. I remember lounging in my La-Z-Boy recliner almost one year ago, to the day, and seeing Darren Waller’s name amongst 2020s predicted top 10 TE’s, by some of the very best in the industry. My initial reaction was to scoop him up, wherever possible. After this happened though, I immediately found myself wanting to trade him for a lofty return. However, bad luck hit when I found myself as the lone believer, in most of my leagues. Eventually, I concluded that Waller was just another dart throw and I wanted to invest in a much higher-ceilinged asset. Oh, the folly of man. Well, as luck would have it, Mr. Waller not only lived up to his lofty expectations, he surpassed them by clocking in as your 2019 TE3 (PPR). 
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