#TomBomb: Houston Texans

Any individual who is only able to participate in 66% of their team’s contests, across a four-year-span, is normally one I believe I’d try to steer clear of when assembling my roster. However, with the departure of DeAndre Hopkins and his 150 targets, Old Tom is fully on board with any and all Will Fuller hype. For clarification, I’m not about to wager the farm for this stance but I’d contemplate the chicken coop. The positive here, though, is that I’d venture to say most Fuller-owners don’t feel as strongly about #15 as Old Tom. Can you say discount? If the reports out of the Texans’ camp are true, and Fuller has added both muscle and speed, I’m just not sure I can start to fathom what his upside becomes in 2020 and beyond. 
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