#TomBomb: New England Patriots

One thing Old Tom always likes to do is open up the lines of communication, with league mates, to see what their asking price is for those “aging vets”. This becomes, all the more imperative when said veteran players find themselves in less than desirable positions. Or, in Mr. White’s case, they find themselves all of a sudden void of one Tom Brady. Now, we go buy. The thing about 28-year-old running backs is, they aren’t THAT old, in the grand scheme of things. At least in Old Tom’s eyes. The thing about 28-year-old running backs who have made their mark primarily catching the ball and on 3rd downs is, they are even less old than potentially perceived. Call this a hot take, if you will, but I just firmly believe that regardless of how that New England QB position unfolds in 2020 it’s almost irrelevant to what James White is going to bring to the table.
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