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Dynasty Trading Post: You Got What I Need

One of the best things about making trades is you gain a reputation for making trades. This can sometimes lead to unsolicited offers that can turn into trades you didn’t even realize you needed to make.

The Trade:

Jameis Winston and DeMarco Murray for 2018 2.06 (20th overall), 2018 3.08 (50th overall), and a 2019 3rd round pick

Initially, I was offered DeMarco Murray for my 2.01 2018 rookie pick which I turned down. Winston was added to the next offer I received and eventually, we agreed to the above trade.

League Settings:

Even though this is a 1 QB league the fact that there are 14 teams means the quarterbacks on the waiver wire consist of players like T.J. Yates, Cody Kessler, and other dregs of the NFL.

I Gave:

2018 2.06 (20th overall), 2018 3.08 (50th overall), and a 2019 3rd round pick

The general consensus is to hold rookie picks until the rookie draft is near so they can appreciate in value. I do typically subscribe to that view, but felt this trade gave me enough value to pull the trigger.

I Got:

Jameis Winston and DeMarco Murray

Note: All stats are courtesy of FFToday.

I’m perfectly fine streaming QBs in 1 QB leagues. But with 14 teams the depth is not quite the same as in 12 team leagues. In this particular league, I attempted to stream DeShone Kizer (QB26) and Trevor Siemian (QB30) in 2017. That did not go well. Those are the only quarterbacks I had on my roster pre-trade. Siemian lost the starting job in Denver multiple times and is looking at a backup role going forward, at best. While I like Kizer, unfortunately, he landed with Hue Jackson, the worst head coach in the NFL. Any confidence Kizer had was destroyed right around his second benching this season. Additionally, the Browns are expected to draft a QB with either the 1st or 4th overall pick in the NFL draft. Kizer may be looking at a few seasons as a backup before he can escape from Jackson and attempt to rebuild his career.

Winston was a chic pick to move into the QB1 sphere this season but failed to do so, finishing as the QB13 in 2017. Winston took a step back this season, regressing in just about every counting stat and/or efficiency metric, but is still only 24 years old and was the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft a few short years ago. With another offseason to acquaint himself with Chris Godwin and O.J. Howard and all-world Mike Evans at his disposal, at a minimum Winston will be a low-end QB1 – at worst. Contrasted to another season of starting some version of Siemian or Kizer having Winston on my roster is like manna from heaven.

Before acquiring Murray, my two best running backs were Peyton Barber and… nope just him, I didn’t even own another RB worth mentioning. This team is just awful, and not surprisingly, I own the 2018 1.01. The RB outlook will be much improved with Saquon Barkley and Murray next season. Murray’s days of being a RB1 are most likely over, but even in a down season in 2017, Murray finished as the RB20 (excluding players who played less than 5 games) with 11.6 fantasy points per game. With Murray’s pass-catching ability, no less than 35 receptions each of the last 6 seasons, he’ll continue to hold value even if his rushing stats continue to regress.


Most things I’ve done in this league haven’t gone well. I made several trades in the last offseason in an attempt to strengthen my roster. Those trades netted me Julian Edelman, Tyler Eifert, and Kevin White. This roster needs some serious work. Below, conveniently, is a screenshot of my actual roster; I must insist if you are squeamish or have a weak stomach, please avert your eyes.

In the upcoming rookie draft I own the 1.01 and 2.01, and a pair of 1sts and 2nds in 2019 as well. The smart move would be to trade the 1.01 for additional capital, but I seem to have caught the vapors for Mr. Barkley, so I’ll probably end up drafting him instead. I will need to get creative to make this roster competitive, so expect more articles highlighting this league during the offseason.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read something I’ve written. If you have any comments please feel free to add them below. You can also always reach me on Twitter @DFF_Shane. Lastly, in case you haven’t heard, I now co-host a podcast. It’s the @DynastyTradesHQ podcast, and you can find us on Itunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and PodBean. Please give us a listen I think you’ll enjoy the show! 



    • Mike

      January 19, 2018

      With a team that terrible, why should we take advice from this column?

      • Shane Manila

        January 19, 2018

        You’re free to take it or leave it. Not every team is a winning team and I don’t dispute this roster has issues, which is why I’m making trades.


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