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Dynasty Trading Post: Goodbye OBJ

With the end of the fantasy playoffs, your full attention should be on improving your rosters for 2018. Trading is the quickest way to rebuild or tear down a roster. I’ll be sharing some of my higher profile trades with you during this off-season so you can get a sense of the market, and/or make fun of my folly.

The trade:

Odell Beckham   for Amari Cooper, Evan Engram, 2018 1.09 and 2018 2.12

League settings:

I know, I know. Kicker and defense. What can I tell you? This is a vanilla league. No premiums for any positions.

I Give:

I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know about Odell Beckham. I still rank him as the #1 overall asset in Dynasty Football.

I Get :

I know it’s cool to trash Amari Cooper and pretend he’s a trash WR. Plenty of analysts were jumping on that bandwagon prior to the season and Cooper’s 2017 season is just more fodder for the cannon. So let’s take a brief look at Cooper’s 2017 season.

Cooper finished the season as the WR35 in overall scoring. While this is clearly below expectations, it’s not as if Cooper widely underperformed based on the number of targets he received. Cooper finished in a 4-way tie for 28th place with 96 targets. There were a total of 3 games that Cooper saw more than 10+ targets. DeAndre Hopkins the WR1(overall scoring) had 11 such games, A.J. Green the WR10 had 7 such games and Keenan Allen the WR3 had 11 games with 10 or more targets. Even Pierre Garcon, who only played 8 games had more 10+ target games than Cooper with 4 such games.

It’s not rocket science, as much as we like to pretend that fantasy football scoring is a mystery that only weird science can crack the code of, it’s not. It’s this simple. Follow the targets. If the targets aren’t there then the scoring won’t be either.

Based on the fact that Cooper has already finished as the WR16 in 2016, and as the WR21 in 2015 (his rookie season) and is still only 24 years old I harbor absolutely no doubt that Cooper will be a WR1 in short order. With the Raider’s prepared to move on from Michael Crabtree, I’d say they share my confidence in Amari Cooper. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Jack Del Rio was fired Sunday as the Raider’s OC. Until they actually hire John Gruden or someone else for that role it’ll be hard to speculate on what impact that will have on Cooper.

Evan Engram just put up one of the greatest fantasy seasons ever for a rookie Tight end. Engram finished the season as the TE5 in overall scoring and as the TE4 in average scoring with 11.6 fantasy points per game. The only threat to Engram’s soon to be perennial status as a top 3 TE would be injury or a designation change to WR in fantasy football.


Below is a screenshot of my current wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs. I also have Aaron Rodgers and Jared Goff at the quarterback position.

I’m set at the tight end position for next decade or so if I so choose. The wide receiver position and running back positions could use some work. With the 2.12 and the ancillary pieces on my roster, I’ll likely look to secure a higher 2nd round draft pick. At the 1.09 I’ll take the best player available at the RB or WR positions, assuming I don’t trade the pick prior to the draft.

Thanks for reading. Give me your thoughts on this trade. You can find me on Twitter @DFF_Shane. And in case you haven’t heard I also c0-host a podcast now! It’s the @DynastyTradesHQ Podcast and you can find it on Itunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and PodBean. Please give us listen. 

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