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In the realm of Dynasty football there are numerous places one could look, in an effort to find that end-of-the-bench stash, which could turn into a worthwhile Dynasty Buy. One such place, to kept close tabs on, are the SPARQ score ratings of each skill position player coming into the league.
As the regular season begins to wind down, and your leagues fantasy football playoffs get underway, there are undoubtedly many owners having already resigned themselves to an off-season full of rebuilding. In the event your waiver wire remains open during the playoffs (which it should be) then I present to you a list of deep end-of-the-bench stash buys worthy of consideration as you begin to plan for the future.
What is SPARQ and its rating system?
For the uninitiated, SPARQ stands for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction & Quickness. It is designed to measure the athletic acumen of its participants and assesses a cumulative score of their overall performance. The primary areas of focus in determining a players’ overall SPARQ rating are:
  1. 40-yard Dash Time – Measures speed levels
  2. Kneeling Power Ball Toss – Measures power levels
  3. Agility Shuttle – Measures agility levels
  4. Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test – Measures reaction, quickness & endurance levels
  5. Vertical Jump – Measures power levels
Names to Watch
Pos. Rnk    Name    NFL Team SPARQ Rating
3/RB             Raheem Mostert        Cleveland Browns          136.4
7/RB             Zach Zenner                Detroit Lions                  132.3
15/RB           Malcolm Brown          St. Louis Rams               126.0
8/WR           Kenny Bell                    Tampa Bay Bucs           132.2
11/WR          Cameron Meredith     Chicago Bears                130.1
12/WR         Tyrell Williams            San Diego Chargers      130.0
125/WR       Daniel Brown               Baltimore Ravens       —– (Deep flier to consider)
5/TE            MyCole Pruitt               Minnesota Vikings        123.0
6/TE            Jesse James                  Pittsburgh Steelers       121.4
At the time of this article, each of the aforementioned players are either currently on the active roster, practice squad or have been placed on injury reserve for their respective teams. It is important to remember that none of the players listed should be added at the cost of dropping most anyone of relative value or who is a main component to your roster. These are merely speculative buys that can be had for next to nothing and should only be grabbed in leagues with expanded roster sizes.
The off-season is the perfect time to take the gamble on the special athletes that may or may not currently have an NFL home but possess difference-making athletic ability. The benefit to you is that you get to purge your roster of an aged or middling veteran and add a dose of potential homerun hitting ability, through the vehicle of one of the SPARQ score elite. The risk is low since you wont have much, if any, equity invested, so don’t be afraid to roll the dice. Don’t fear the unknown, embrace it.
There is no real secret to the SPARQ rating system and it does not always translate in identifying high level NFL production players. However, it does identify, without a shadow of a doubt, the freshest and most tangible rating of each player prior to their entry into the NFL. Therefore, as fantasy owners, when we are hunting for that extra edge on our competition, remember the SPARQ rankings and refer to them often. This simple exploration into talent can be a tool used to streamline your search for what could be a premium, add/buy. Good luck!
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