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With the college football season more than halfway over, many fans are starting to put together their big boards and thinking about how their devy drafts might shake out. Now is a good time to review the quarterbacks I believe are the top 10 in college football thus far.                                                                                                         

  • Josh Rosen | UCLA | SO | 6’4” 210lbs | 2018 Draft Class


Josh Rosen, sophomore quarterback out of UCLA is the consensus #1 QB in Devy, and rightfully so. Since his first day with UCLA, Rosen has shown an advanced knowledge and understanding of the quarterback position. His ability to read a defense, go through his progressions, and move defenses with his eyes is top notch. He has good arm strength, zipping passes to his receivers all over the field. Rosen’s production has been lackluster this season due to being plagued by bad offensive line play and a lack of weapons to throw to. He also needs to put some weight on his frame, which shouldn’t be too difficult for him. Unfortunately, Rosen is dealing with a recent injury that will sideline him for the remainder of the season so we will have to wait to see more of him until next season. But I have full confidence that he will continue to improve and should put himself in position to be drafted high. Devy owners should look to grab him up sooner rather than later.

  • Jake Browning | Washington | SO | 6’2” 210lbs | 2018 Draft Class

Jake Browning was one of my early favorites going into the season and so far he is making my prediction look good. Browning has put together an impressive sophomore campaign which has put him in the Heisman conversation. So far, Browning has only one noticeable flaw and that is his arm strength. The zips on his throws are average and can float on him at times. With that said, Browning more than makes up for it by using his supreme intelligence. His ability to scan the field and read defenses is excellent. He also adds in elite accuracy and precision in all of his throws. Browning also needs to add a bit of muscle to his frame, which should help improve his arm strength. If he is able to do that, and continue to put up similar production, there is no reason to think he won’t be a top prospect in 2018.

  • Jacob Eason | Georgia | FR | 6’5” 235lbs | 2019 Draft Class


Jacob Eason entered the year as the #1 rated high school quarterback by many, and so far he has shown reasons why. At 6’5” 235lbs, Eason has excellent size and strength and looks like the prototype of a stud quarterback. He adds in excellent arm strength, good accuracy, and shows some amazing touch as well. Eason has a great pocket presence and isn’t afraid to stand in the pocket and take a hit. Because Eason is young, it is to be expected that he will have his fair share of issues. His decision making needs to be cleaned up a bit and he needs to be more consistent as well. But up to this point, Eason has shown the flashes of being an elite quarterback and there is no reason to think that he shouldn’t keep improving.

  • DeShone Kizer| Notre Dame | JR | 6’4” 230lbs | 2017 Draft Class


At 6’4” 230lbs, Kizer has the prototypical size you look for in a quarterback. His combination of  size and a strong arm  gives him the ability to make any throw and also has excellent pocket awareness. He adds an uncanny ability to make defenders miss in the pocket while continuing to scan the field. He has shown some great touch on his throws, dropping passes perfectly in the bucket, and routinely makes NFL caliber throws. Kizer also has great athleticism to fall back on if the pocket does collapse on him and is intelligent enough to know when to use it. Kizer does need to get more consistent with his throwing as he does let some passes sail on him and also tends to lock onto one half of the field at times. The hype around him as started to level off since Notre Dame has played poorly, but I still have faith in him becoming a top quarterback in the NFL.

  • Luke Falk | Washington St | RS-JR | 6’4” 215lbs | 2017 Draft Class

Falk comes with decent size for a quarterback at 6’4” 215lbs. He is excellent in the pocket with his ability to use his footwork to maneuver and avoid pressure. Falk does an excellent job of going through progressions to find the open guy and has shown the ability to make NFL caliber throws. His excellent accuracy and decision making is a huge asset that teams look for at the next level. Falk doesn’t have the strongest arm out there which could lead to him becoming more of a game manager at the next level, but I believe he’ll be more than that. He could also stand to put on a bit of muscle as well, which could help him develop a stronger arm. At the end of the day, Falk looks and plays the part of a franchise quarterback and should be drafted as such when he declares.

  • Mitch Trubisky | North Carolina | RS-JR | 6’3” 220lbs | 2017 Draft Class

Trubisky has excellent arm strength that allows him to make any throw and has a great ability to go through progressions and look off defensive backs.  While he isn’t looked at as a running quarterback, nor will he be running all over the field, he has good enough athleticism to avoid pressure and keeps plays alive. He also adds good accuracy and decision making to his arsenal. Most of Trubisky’s negatives are more about inconsistencies than anything else. He can have an inconsistent throwing motion, at times throwing from different angles. He also doesn’t make many throws into NFL caliber windows which makes it difficult to predict his success in that department at the next level. But Trubisky has shown enough to be considered as a top prospect in the upcoming draft and should be in a great position to contribute to your dynasty team.

  • Brad Kaaya | Miami(Fl) | JR | 6’4” 215lbs | 2017 Draft Class


Kaaya has been one of the more hyped prospects over these past few years and he is finally showing us why. Kaaya does a solid job in the pocket with standing tall and not getting flustered when pressured. He does a great job working through his progressions, uses nice anticipation to hit his receivers, and has the ability to look off defenders. Kaaya’s mechanics are excellent in terms of throwing motion, with a compact throwing motion and quick release. But Kaaya does need to improve his arm strength as he doesn’t get much zip on his passes which could hinder his ability to hit NFL windows. He’ll also needs to do a better job of avoiding pressure. But Kaaya brings a ton of intelligence and upside to the quarterback position and if he is able to increase his arm strength and fix a few flaws, he has a chance to be a top quarterback at the next level.

  • Deshaun Watson | Clemson | JR | 6’3” 215lbs | 2017 Draft Class

Watson has prototypical size for a quarterback and looks to have even added more weight to his frame, as he appears to be bigger than his listed 215lbs. Watson brings a cannon of an arm which gives him the ability the throw the ball all over the field. Watson has great athleticism and has the ability to make plays with his feet. He can put good touch and nice accuracy on deep passes, at times, but is inconsistent with it. He tends to want to use his athleticism too much and can have a case of happy feet. His mechanics need to be worked on and his footwork needs to be improved. Watson has a lot to like about his game. He is a big play waiting to happen whether it’s with his strong arm or athleticism. He occasionally makes the “wow” plays which leads you to believe he is capable of being a top end quarterback. He needs to clean up aspects of his game if he wants to reach his full potential.

  • Jarrett Stidham | N/A | RS-SO | 6’3” 210lbs | 2018 Draft Class

Jarrett Stidham has become a forgotten man in the past few months. Stidham saw some time last season with Baylor when starter Seth Russell went down with injury. Since then, Stidham has announced that he would transfer from the school but has yet to find a landing spot. With all of that said, Stidham is still full of talent and potential. Sitdham brings good size for the position but could use a little more muscle on his frame. He has a good arm that he combos with touch and accuracy. The Baylor offense doesn’t ask their quarterbacks to make many reads or progressions, so we will have to wait and see how well he can do that. But the promise he showed as a freshman at Baylor bodes well for continued growth.

  • Deandre Francois | Florida St | RS-FR | 6’2” 205lbs | 2018 Draft Class

Deandre Francois comes into Florida State as a very athletic quarterback that has shown some excellent maturity as a passer. The intelligence he shows knowing when to use his athleticism and the poise he shows in the pocket are excellent. He also has a very good arm, accuracy, and touch. All of this has led many to compare him to former FSU quarterback, Jameis Winston. He still has his fair share of issues that will need to be ironed out. He should add a little size to his frame and needs to clean up his footwork. But so far, he has shown amazing ability and should be one of the top quarterbacks going into next year’s draft.

Honorable Mention: Lamar Jackson | Louisville | SO | 6’3” 205lbs | 2018 Draft Class


Some may be surprised by Jackson not being in my top 10 at this point, and it’s understandable. Jackson has been lighting the college world on fire with his play this season and has all but locked up the Heisman trophy. To say Jackson is very athletic is an understatement as he has been compared to Michael Vick in that regard. He has a good arm and good accuracy to boot. But just like Vick, he may rely on his athleticism too much. Much of this may be due to what is asked of him in the offense, as they do run a lot of read action and designed runs, which has lead him to have a slight case of happy feet. I would like to see him do work from behind the line of scrimmage more consistently. He also is very thin and could have durability issues at the next level if he doesn’t put on more muscle.

I look forward to sharing my insights on an additinal devy positions in the future. If you’d like to discuss any devy players with me or would like me to highlight any specific players in this series please reach out to me anytime on Twitter @_codygarrett


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