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If you play in a league with a trade deadline chances are it’s coming up soon. Perfect timing for those of us looking to grab a defensive end for our playoff runs. If you’re looking to pick up a piece to start building towards next year’s roster, these are some of the players I am looking to add. I’ve also included two DT’s for those of us who play in DT required leagues.

  • Frank Clark SEA. Taking full advantage of Michael Bennett’s injury this young stud is putting up a career year. Taking last season to learn and perfect his trade he has exploded this season. He continues to be a factor in the run game which is giving him a nice tackle score. Sacks are putting his weekly scores near the top of defensive end scoring. Double digit weeks are what we like to see and he has shown us them weekly.. Being a young player he will get even better. Seattle knows how to use him to maximize his talents and that is what we like to see in IDP. In salary cap leagues he has a very affordable price tag as he was a late pick for most of us. Stack up the lower salary players like this stud so you can spend your cash on some offensive skill positions that tend to go much higher.
  • Chris Jones KC.: Another youngster comes with a small salary cap hit. This kid showed great strength in college and he has looked just as powerful using his bull rush in the NFL. He looks like a good fit in the Chiefs scheme and looks to be a long term starter. Jones will deliver QB pressure and the sacks which always help the scoring column. Getting a tackle or two per game he will contribute to your fantasy team and when he gets to the QB you’re going to enjoy the reward for starting him. If you need a DE he is a good player to get cheap and one who will contribute. On my teams where I’m looking to stock up for 2017 Jones would be a good add. This season’s playoff stretch in fantasy is not overly favorable for him so I’d be picking him up looking to next season.
  • Akiem Hicks CHI.: aikeem-hicksIn training camp I is when I first took notice of Hicks. Consistently getting pressure and working to get to the ball made is what made take notice. At 26 years young he will be a help for at least the next couple of seasons. Two games this year [Cowboys and Packers] Hicks struggled to get into double digits for his fantasy teams but he has put up three really high weeks along with 4 middle of the pack weeks. That’s not bad for DE scoring. For anyone playing in salary cap leagues he is a player who shouldn’t take up too much cap space. . A favorable fantasy playoff schedule will give him a good chance at continuing to be an above average scoring lineman. As of this moment he sits at 20th in DE scoring so go add him to your roster.
  • Danny Shelton DT CLE.: 
    This is a player who should be in lineups in DT required leagues. Sadly I see him on benches in some places. If he is not starting for a league mate make an offer and get this guy playing for you. This kid is dominant against the run game. Those tackles for a loss stats are so important! They can swing a close game into a victory.
  • Michael Pierce BAL.:pierce Another quality salary player who is averaging 17 points a game. Get these young guys with so much upside on your rosters. He does not have the type of name recognition you would expect of a player with his stats and play level.  to the average fantasy owner.  You might be able capitalize on his lack of name recognition and get him at a bargain. I named him “superman” due to the strength that he shows on the gridiron. Capable of overpowering an offensive lineman you’ll notice when you watch him play that he has that “it” factor and can really dominate a series or a few in a game.

It’s important to review your IDP scoring rules when looking to add players. I play in a lot of DT premium leagues where that position gets more than the average DE’s and LB’s. As you know it’s important to keep moving your players and benches and always keep those young players at the ready. These players I mentioned would be great depth adds or to even starters in the start 2 DE and/or 1 DT leagues. In leagues that you go with extra DE’s and DT’s these players would really help tilt the scores in your favor in IDP.

Enjoy the games and I will see you on the fantasy fields.


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