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Jimmy Garoppolo Injury Update + Rapid Reaction December 28, 2021

For all of the Trey Lance truthers out there, you are finally getting your Captain Raymond Holt of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame, vindication moment with the news of Jimmy Garoppolo being sidelined with a UCL strain. Currently, team sources aren’t sure the ex...

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Week 17 Wrap-Up January 4, 2021

In this article, I want to quickly chat about some things that caught my eye during Sunday’s slate of NFL games. It’s not going to be a comprehensive article, but I think there will be actionable advice in here. It’s like getting an inside view into...

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Week 17 Storylines January 3, 2021

I love writing these storyline pieces. I will go through some of the games and discuss one dynasty-relevant storyline per team that I’m excited to see. I won’t cover every game, as I don’t feel like there’s necessarily an exciting storyline to dis...

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