Superflex IDP Mock Rookie Draft: Rounds 1-3

Superflex IDP Mock Rookie Draft: Rounds 1-3

As you may have noticed, we here at DFF have an affinity for mock drafts. In our ongoing quest to provide you with all the assistance you could ever need, no matter the format of your league, we proudly present our 12 Team 7 Round Superflex IDP Rookie Mock Draft. Today we’ll tackle Rounds 1-3 and tomorrow we’ll finish with Rounds 4-7.

Round 1

1.01 Dalvin Cook, RB, FSU @pacificscouting





Cook and Fournette are very close as prospects. I prefer Cook though because of his versatility and the fact that he’s not scheme dependent. He has tremendous burst, vision, and agility. He can bounce it outside or run between the tackles, plus his receiving ability will make him a huge impact player for PPR leagues.

1.02 Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU @fulst_rosto





With my 1.01 choice Cook off the board, in an actual league, I would look to move back 1 or 2 spots and see what extra picks I could acquire. Fournette is a polarizing choice, with such highs as being the NCAA rushing title holder his sophomore year, followed by a Junior year blighted with ankle troubles for the 6-1, 235lb former Tiger. A willing blocker but not a prolific receiver out of the backfield with a blend of size/athleticism, I expect more of the RB we saw destroy Ole Miss than the RB that struggled vs Bama in 15/16.

1.03 Mike Williams, WR, Clemson @Kered_Eel

Close between him and Davis but I love Williams ability to win at the catch point.





1.04 Corey, Davis, WR, Western Michigan @duckzfan50





Love the size and speed combination. Have a hard time seeing this pick not pay off multiple times throughout his career.


1.05 D’Onte Foreman, RB, Texas @FatAdamSchefter

Love his power and speed. 2,000-yard rusher this past year. My favorite RB coming out.




1.06 Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson @DFF_JohnIDP






My top rated QB and one I’d look for in super flex early. Smart QB who understands defenses and can make plays with his feet.

1.07 DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame @allpurposeyrd8g





NFL size with a strong arm. Has the ability to put air under the ball with nice touch. Athletic enough to extend the play with his feet. Stands firm in the pocket under pressure and escapes the pocket strategically. Love his upside in the NFL.

1.08 Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina @DFF_Madman

Trubisky, Kizer, and Mahomes are my favorite QBs in this draft. One-year-wonder? Nope. This kid can ball. It’s obvious to anyone who watches. In my opinion, if a team can’t get Kizer, they’d want Trubisky over Watson. Watson is RGIII, Kizer is Cam and Trubisky is Matt Ryan. Take your pick.



1.09 Pat Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech @nateclever8

Mahomes is the best talent at the position coming out in 2017. He will be raw but a true pocket passer and will be best of the group. Give him time and you will end up happy. Trust the eye test.


1.10 Joe Mixon, RB Oklahoma @josh44444

Assuming he goes on day two of the draft. My 3rd ranked RB.





1.11 Christian McCaffrey, Rb, Stanford @DFF_MattK

In the right situation, Mccaffrey could be an absolute steal at the end of the first. He’ll be a nightmare out of the backfield or slot, has the speed and vision to run between the tackles or outside and adding kickoff and punt returns TDS will also add to fantasy points.




1.12 Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A & M @FFBlitz

I was debating a few different skill players here but I felt getting my favorite IDP guy at 12 would be the way to go.  1.01 in NFL draft and 1st round here.

Round 2


2.01 John Ross, WR, Washington @pacificscouting

Ross in the second is what dreams are made of. Ross has elite speed and quickness. He’s the best deep threat in the draft but also has a knack for picking up yards after the catch. He is smaller and that may hinder him facing physical corners, but his release is so sudden it allows him to create space immediately. He has a skill set that allows him to contribute early in the NFL.

2.02 JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, USC @fulst_rosto





After the mid 1st round QB run a top 4 WR prospect dropped to the 2.02 in USCs Smith-Schuster. The 6-2, 220lb Junior is a thick framed, physical receiver with a vicious stiff arm. Will become a solid WR2 in the right landing spot.

2.03 Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama @Kered_Eel

Was hoping Ross or JuJu would be here but Foster is a great consolation prize. My top LB. an absolute tackle machine. Shows great instincts by hitting the gaps quickly.

2.04 Samaje Perine, RB, Oklahoma @duckzfan50

Big and very good. I love picking running backs in the second round.




2.05 Cooper Kupp, EWU, WR @FatAdamSchefter

Small school kid with a chip on his shoulder. Goes up and takes the ball. Give him the right WR coach in the pros & I think he will be a great steal for fantasy.




2.06 Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt @DFF_JohnIDP

Some good talent here. Thought of other positions here but went with a player who should be a solid 3 down starter and that’s a good haul here. With so many players available at other positions I went with the LB.  

2.07 Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee @allpurposeyrd8g

A versatile back with speed, burst, explosion and vision to be a game changer. Very good receiver out of the backfield as well.




2.08 Kareem “The Dream” Hunt, RB, Toledo @DFF_Madman

Under-rated. Has it all. Will be an NFL dynamo.

2.09 Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee @nateclever8

In 2016, Barnett totaled 56 tackles with 19 for a loss, 13 sacks, two forced fumbles, five passes broken up and one interception. This is my target in leagues where I need a DE. So stay away managers. He is mine!

2.10 Jamal Adams, S, LSU @josh44444

High football IQ and always around the ball. Will fill up the stat sheet, which works well in fantasy.

2.11 Wayne Gallman, RB, Clemson @DFF_MattK





Wanted to go IDP here but just like I did in round 1, Josh sniped my guy though. Feel like pairing McCaffrey with Gallman sets me up at running back through possible for years to come. Time to focus on other positions.

2.12 OJ Howard, TE, Alabama @FFBlitz

With the final pick in the 2nd, I will take the top TE on the board.

Round 3


3.01 Malachi Dupre, WR, LSU @pacificscouting

Dupre has the potential to be a premier WR in the NFL. He’s very athletic and has a ton of length. His long arms and leaping ability allow him to high point the ball and win matchups against most corners. Limited route runner but his upside is very intriguing.

3.02 Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State @fulst_rosto

Possessing great sideline to sideline speed, the long framed 6-2, 205 lb Free Safety had 7 Ints in ’16 including 3 pick sixes. Stats that would look great added to your IDP scoring. Tackling against the run is sub par but there’s time for the Buckeyes redshirt to work on that weakness.

3.03 Jamaal Williams, RB, BYU @Kered_Eel

Love the way he runs. Patient for blocks to set up and has good burst. Lacks top end speed but I think this would be a steal come May.

3.04 David Njuko, TE, Miami @Duckzfan50





I love to diversify in rookie drafts. WR, RB, TE with my first 3 picks. I expect Njuko to be a huge riser after the combine and don’t want to get sniped on him.

3.05 Kendall Beckwith, LB, LSU @FatAdamSchefter

He stood out for me on many occasions. Especially against top-ranked teams.

3.06 Jonathan Allen DT Alabama @DFF_JohnIDP

Elite talent who is equally skilled in pass and run game. Plays with power and gets in the backfield.

3.07 Jarrad Davis, LB, Florida @allpurposeyrd8g

Davis has the range and pursuit to be an impact linebacker. Very good wrap up tackler and has a nose for the ball. Can be used as a blitzer too.

3.08 Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford @DFF_Madman

I think he is as good as Myles Garrett, and much cheaper to acquire.




3.09 Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan @nateclever8

Sources say they are projecting Peppers to be a hybrid dime linebacker and safety, similar to Arizona’s Deone Bucannon. If I can get another Bucannon sign me up. When healthy dude is a beast.

3.10 Isaiah Ford, WR, VA Tech @josh44444

I like the way he can high point a ball. Good body control and solid hands. Not going to run by many people but will be a solid possession WR that should put up solid numbers in PPR leagues.

3.11 Tim Williams, LB, Alabama @DFF_MattK

Williams may drop in the actual NFL draft because of off-the-field issues but wherever he lands he’ll become a run stopper and stat sheet filler.

3.12 TJ Watt, LB, Wisconsin @FFBlitz





Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see how the final 4 rounds played out!




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