Superflex: 2QB or not 2QB?

Superflex: 2QB or not 2QB?

There is no black and white, definitive right way to build a roster in a Superflex league. In a few leagues, I rostered a number of high-end QBs like Tom Brady and Drew Brees and in others, Andy Dalton is my “best” QB. This is part of what makes a Superflex league so much fun, I could think of about 15 different ways to approach a startup draft when initialing a roster.

One thing that is certain, QBs are infinitely more valuable in the minds of your fellow owners when there’s a chance they can start two.  Try to use the perceived market scarcity against other owners. Do so by allowing your league mates to spend early picks on multiple QB’s. I’m content with drafting 1 stud Quarterback and figuring out the 2nd QB spot later, if I even decide to play a QB in that extra flex spot. While others are drafting Andrew Luck with the 1.02, Cam Newton with the 1.03, Antonio Brown or a Julio Jones  will fall to you at the 1.04 or later. 

What sometimes  gets lost in Superflex leagues is that you don’t have to start 2 QBs, there’s nothing stopping you from playing only one. Keep in mind that you still need to fill your 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE and 1 flex spot. Some owners have blinders on and just want to draft the best 2 or 3, or god forbid 4 QBs they can. That’s great but guess what, you can only play at most 2 at one time. That’s wasting valuable roster space on backups that can’t help you on a weekly basis. Not I, I’m still going to try to draft as many WRs and RBs as I can. If I need a QB later in the season due to injury or just putrid play I can deal from a position of strength. You only need 1 QB, remember that!

I play in 5 Superflex leagues, including one that I wrote about back in July after the startup draft. I employed a strategy of securing one high-end starting QB in Aaron Rodgers, one low-end starter in Sam Bradford and Jared Goff. Believing Goff would be the week 1 starter I traded Sam Bradford prior to the season, I was incorrect in that belief. Throughout the season I’ve also started Josh McCown, Nick Foles and even got to start Goff twice!  I went with 2 QB’s in 5 of 13 weeks, finishing the regular season at 9-4 and in the playoffs. In total 41 QB’s were drafted in this startup. But as evidenced by my QBs and my final regular season record this draft also highlights the fact you do not need to go crazy and pick 2 QB’s early.  Looking back at this leagues draft I actually wish I waited on drafting my 1st QB. I could have waited until the 5th round to select Drew Brees or the 6th round and I would have been able to end up with Matt Ryan. 

Even if you do decide to go with 2 high-value QBs in your startup draft that does not guarantee you’ll have a successful season. For instance, if  you spent  high draft picks on Russell Wilson and Cam Newton, which intuitively at least would seem to be a good idea where you can start 2 QBs, there’s a strong chance you didn’t even make the playoffs in your Superflex league. Based on the league scoring I’ve referenced earlier in this article, those two would have averaged 36.12 per week for you. Now, say you employed my strategy in this league with one high-end QB (Aaron Rodgers) and one superstar WR (Odell Beckham Jr.) you would have scored 39.29 per week. So you’re already up over 3 points without taking into account any other roster decisions. None of this is to say that you should completely disregard the QB position but you can win with just one good QB or even two mediocre QBs. The possibility of being able to start another QB can make people do crazy things, like spend their first 2 picks on a QB, don’t be that guy. Spend all your early draft capital on WRs or RBs while everyone else is scooping up quarterbacks way too early and still walk away with an Andy Dalton/Ben Roethlisberger combo. that was on average good for 31 points per game.

The next Superflex start-up draft I’m in, I’m going to make sure to hold off on drafting any QBs until at least the 6th or 7th round(assuming there isn’t a run on every single starting NFL QB). Remember there are 32 NFL teams and 12-16 teams in most fantasy leagues. Do the math, even if every team drafts 2 QBs in a 12 team league that still leaves 8 QBs left on the board that have starting NFL gigs. Also, you need to take into account the fact that you’re always going to have QBs that go down due to injury that you can snipe off your waiver wire. Just look at the Bears and Browns this year. Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley, Cody Kessler are all guys you could have streamed this season if in an absolute pinch.

One underrated reason for the joy of Superflex leagues is the “Wild West” component of it. Nearly every fantasy site you go to for seasonal or weekly rankings base those rankings on 1 QB leagues. So when trying to determine who to start between a low-end QB such as Alex Smith and a higher end flex play such as Tyrell Williams, you’re basically on your own trying to figure out what to do. You want to make a trade involving a QB? Good luck with trying to figure out fair value there. Just check out the trades polled on Twitter, think about how many you see involving a QB in Superflex leagues, not many. I love that, I love when people are forced to rely on their own instincts to determine whether a trade is a good idea or not. It’s almost like the old days of fantasy. You didn’t have sites you could rely on to answer every conceivable question that popped into your mind (thanks for reading). Isn’t it just a little bit fun when you don’t know what the “right” answer is and you have to figure out things for yourself? I think it is and I also think that anything that challenges you to rely on your own wits is never a bad thing.

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