Sleepers at the Linebacker Position

I will share with you three LB’s that you will want to look at. These are great taxi squad players to stash. If you are like me, you’re always trying to keep the bottom of your roster moving with players who have upside. When you have the ability to roster players who can jump in and score you will have flexibility during bye weeks, and help in case of injuries. If other teams need help at a position your strong at you will be able to trade to teams in a position of strength, which can really help your own team.


Marquel Lee, Oakland Raiders. This is a player who was drafted in your fantasy leagues in the 7th round. What a steal! I have to admit I have loaded him onto most of my teams. Take a look at the Raiders depth chart, go ahead, not much in front of him is there? Corey James hit 50 tackles last season and Marquez Lee is stronger in run support. This kid can blow up the run game leading to some lofty tackle opportunities. Our own @DFF_Cog did a great piece on him here.

Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Detroit Lions. The Lions added speed and a solid tackler with this pick. If he is able to digest the playbook I see him jumping in at WILL for them. He showcased sideline to sideline speed while playing at Tennessee. Do not worry about his senior year! Look for him to be more like his 2015 self in the motor city. With all the talk about Jarrad Davis resulting in his high ADP, you can add Jalen Reeves-Maybin very cheap because of it. Take advantage and try and sneak him onto your teams before it’s too late. Paul Worrilow currently blocks his path to full-time reps. Speed wins in the NFL and even with the sound tackling technique and understanding the blocking assignments like a veteran does, Paul Worrilow doesn’t have the range to move sideline to sideline any longer.

Tyus Bowser, Baltimore Ravens. This kid can handle a lot of roles. Look here at his player profile. He will find ways to get on the field. When you’re able to help get a pass rush and also drop back and be a difference maker you’ll find a role on a defense.  In my leagues where we start up to six LB’s, made sure I went after him for some needed depth. Ahead of him sits Albert McClellan who has been waived and uninspiring during his tenure with the Ravens. The argument is McClellan logged 604 snaps last season and holds the trust of the coaches. Well, Bowser can move all over the field and will offer much more as a pass rusher and coverage LB than anyone in front of him on the depth chart.

These LBs were all drafted late in my drafts, 5th-7th rounds in rookie drafts. If your draft has not been done make sure to aim for one of these players. Don’t let yourself be in the later rounds with no players that you’re aware of. You can find me on Twitter at, @DFF_JohnIDP


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