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The 2018-19 NFL Awards were just handed out Saturday night. We saw a glitch in the matrix win MVP, some war general garner Comeback Player of the Year, and a life-sized version of the Hulk nab Defensive Player of the Year. Last week I also attended the Senior Bowl for the first time. Now, how do these two relate? Well, I wanted to have my bit of fun, so I decided to hand out some personal awards for the weigh-in portion of the event down in Mobile. The results are below.

Best Hairline:   Hunter Renfrow WR Clemson

We start with the most prestigious of honors in Best Hairline. Now we all know Hunter Renfrow is a darn good football player. We also all know there are thousands of jokes told about his age. I always used to get triggered at these, given he’s only 23. However, after seeing his head of hair live, I can confirm that the Clemson wideout is no younger than 44. Like seriously, you think I’m joking, but LOOK AT THAT HAIRLINE. Take a good hard inspection and tell me with confidence this isn’t a full grown man nearing a mid-life crisis. That’s what I thought. Bill Belichick has never been more smitten with a prospect in his life.

Broadest Shoulders:  Garrett Bradbury C North Carolina St.

There’s a reason Bradbury is so great on reach blocks and in zone concepts. And it isn’t because of a lack of shoulder muscle. His upper body width spanned a greater distance than the Himalayan mountains up on that Senior Bowl scale, and this seriously might have been the most jacked up, wide framed dude I’ve EVER seen. Given he’s able to consistently use that body composition to his advantage out on the football field, Garrett was a big weigh-in winner.

Most “Yoked” Up:  Terrill Hanks LB New Mexico St.

Google defines “Yoked” as “ridiculously muscled or powerfully built.” It might as well just say Terrill Hanks next to that same description. A man who probably hasn’t eaten a single sweet in his entire life, Hanks is the New Mexico version of a Greek god. Most of the athletes in attendance at the Senior Bowl were ridiculous defined, but Terrill takes the cake for me. This is an LB who looked like a WR and DL all wrapped into one. Jaw-dropping.

“Wait, that’s NOT a punter?”:  Ryan Finley QB North Carolina St.

Okay, I’m not trying to be mean. Finley is an NFL prospect, and that in itself is a huge accomplishment. He’s probably more athletic than 80% of the general population. But DAMN dude, gain some muscle mass. Ryan walked up on that stage, and I mistook him for a piece of linguini.  Pretty sure most in attendance also thought he was a Punter. Hence the award.

Largest Human:  Tyree Jackson QB Buffalo

Monstrous. Not sure if there’s any other way to describe the giant girth that is. Standing at a physically imposing 6’8 249, Jackson looks like he could fill out that frame EVEN more, and I’m pretty sure he’s not of this earth. There was an audible gasp in the room when Tyree came to the stage, and ultimately it’s easy to see why. Stetson TE Donald Parham, also 6’8 with a body that puts Zeus to shame, was a close runner-up for this prestigious honor.

Longest Arms:  Montez Sweat EDGE Mississippi St.

Montez Sweat is like Elastigirl from the Incredibles, if Elastigirl was massive, had tons of definition and wasn’t nearly as flexible. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the perfect analogy, but Sweat is one long-armed, long-legged guy. We’re talking tarantula levels here.  Setting a record for a wingspan that measured in at an astronomical 84 ¼ inches, Sweat’s length is the main reason he’s going to be such a highly sought after prospect, and he certainly showed it off in full force on that Senior Bowl scale.

Biggest “Dad Bod”:  Will Grier QB West Virginia

This may have been the most sought after award, though the competition wasn’t as fierce as expected. Garner Minshew seemed to be the favorite coming in, but the Wazzu QB was surprisingly more chiseled than expected. Push-ups and a good amount of flexing right before the weigh-in may have helped him in this regard, but Grier came out victorious as the clear winner. It was a rough week for the former Mountaineer, but his body, like his personality, showed off a warm and charming side. After all, who doesn’t like a little bit of “chub”?


Okay, you may have thought this was weird. That’s fine. It was certainly an odd piece to write.  But after plenty of analysis and articles on Senior Bowl week and it’s happenings, this was hopefully a nice fluffy diversion from that.

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