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Who to sell on D Line?

We covered the D line players you should be targeting here . Now it’s time to take a look at a few D lineman to sell. The D line position is one that can give you an advantage if you start top tier players. If you’re starting players who can play the run along with rushing the passer the odds tilt in your favor. The position is also one that can leave you frustrated if you’re not getting the sacks or big plays though. If you’re one of those unlucky owners that don’t have a prized DE you’re probably streaming them in and out of your lineups weekly. If you are looking at your roster in search of lineman to unload and you own any of the below I’d suggest it’s time to sell.  See if you can package some of these guys for a higher tiered player or picks so you can draft one. Let’s jump in and see who exactly we can move…

1. Jabaal Sheard DE NE:


Surprised he has come up on my sell list? Yeah me too. The first six weeks of the season he was locked into my lineups. He has talent and can get after opposing QB’s. That is the nature of this game we love. What’s changed? Insert a promising rookie named Trey Flowers into the Pat’s pass rush. I decided to intently focus on Sheard while watching New England’s game against Seattle Sunday to see what was going on. After watching him only play an alarming 16 snaps (yes 16 snaps!) I knew it was time to sell fast. Looking at the cap situation, Sheard is playing in his final year of his contract. Maybe Belichick might have been unhappy with Sheard’s lack of support in the run game early in the game? Too many questions, but like a detective I see the clues and now I am looking to unload.

2. Dante Fowler DE Jac:

I know. I feel your pain. You drafted him high and knew he would sit on your IR for a year. Big goals and plans for your new star DE. It’s time for a gut check. After a year off to study the game and then put that onto the playing field during training camp you were expecting him to be putting up some points. The first two weeks of the year were inspiring. Week one against the Packers he was around the ball. Tackle for a loss had you high fiving your friends. Productive first game with a couple tackles. Week two you were jumping up and down after he tossed the QB into the dirt TWICE! Since week two it’s been a sad weekly affair when looking at his numbers. Honestly, after watching a couple games of him it seems he is a little lost. Other than the week 9 game against KC, where he notched a half sack, he hasn’t been productive. Another troubling sign for me is watching him dropping into coverage a few times a game. My gut is telling me I need to worry about my DE moving into coverage. Will we see more of that? Those are snaps lost rushing the QB. I believe the Jag’s will grab one of the top DEs in the draft next year which also makes me my worry. Time to part ways and get something in return. If he hasn’t been starting for you get something to help you build on. The time to sell is now.

3. Corey Liuget DE SD:


Mr.Steady and Reliable. Week in and week out you’re getting tackle points out of Liuget. He fills a DE spot that guarantees points weekly. That is not to be taken lightly. If you’re able to trade him to someone making a deep run you could try and get a pick and then add that to your draft war room chest. If you’re able to add him and a pick to go get a young playmaker then it’s time to try. My goal would be to swap him for a Noah Spence or Devin Taylor. The sacks give you a big boost and that can sneak out wins for you. It’s worth the risk.

4. Domata Peko DT CIN:

He is a good DT that has anchored down the DT position for many of us. At 31 years old and with rookie Billings healing up for next season the time to move him is now. I play in a lot of leagues that require two DT’s to be started and he is in every one of those lineups. If you’re a long shot from the playoffs make a move. Go after Javon Hargrave from Pittsburgh or look for a pick to address this spot in the draft.

5. Michael Johnson DE CIN:

Staying with the Bengals, we have a player who has a history of getting to the QB. Known in IDP circles as a powerful edge rusher who could accelerate quickly he has not looked like the same player from last season. In the past he would be capable of a turbo boost on a straight line to the QB and it just does not show that same burst this season. Trying to move an O lineman with his power moves is just not happening. This keeps him off the tackle sheet and even worse, off the sacks and pressure stats that we need. Without his speed game t he is being left behind and if you don’t move quickly it will be a lost opportunity for your fantasy team.


Time to make it happen and enjoy the game we all love. It’s go time for those of you making a push for the playoffs and rebuild time for those already playing the spoiler role. Review league rosters and make a splash before your trade deadline.



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