Safety Dynasty Tiers

I’ve got a Dynasty Startup Auction beginning in early January, so I put together Dynasty #IDP tiers for each position except CB, because, c’mon… Hopefully nobody from the Shark Tank reads this.


* = designates soon-to-be UFA


Word of Warning: I’m not a ranker. I’m the Snap Count guy. You should probably just ignore these tiers. Also, I have a strict rule on my fantasy teams that I won’t roster players that have backgrounds of Domestic Violence. I didn’t even include Reuben Foster, because no one should roster Foster. Frank Clark and others are on here solely as I would rank them breaking my rule. This is solely so I can throw them out early in the auction, with no intention of winning them, just to get some money off the board.


All About That BaSS

Adams, Jamal NYJ

James, Derwin LAC

Neal, Keanu ATL

Johnson, John LAR

Baker, Budda ARI


There is a plethora of young SS options in the league at the moment. All of these guys are studs. James and Adams both easily have S1 overall upside.


No Treble

Jackson, Eddie CHI

Bates, Jessie CIN


Shark Tank scoring provides enough points for PDs and interceptions to make productive FSs fantasy relevant. In more tackle-heavy leagues, FSs aren’t nearly as useful for #IDP. There aren’t as many young stud FSs in the league at the moment, but Jackson is a ball-hawk with almost unlimited range.


Respect your Elders

Thomas, Earl SEA*

Berry, Eric KCC

Jackson, Kareem HOU

Bethea, Antoine ARI

Jenkins, Malcolm PHI


These older players are still producing. Thomas is going to play somewhere angry next year, and I am here for it. Jackson is one of the best tackling DBs in the league, whether he plays CB or S. Bethea has one more year under contract. Jenkins was the last man standing in Philly this year.


Return of the SS

Williams, Shawn CIN

Poyer, Jordan BUF

Collins, Landon NYG*


The second tier of SS. Collins missed 100 tackles for the first time in his career. Williams had his best statistical season with the coordinator change in Cincy. Using him as a SS rather than a 2-high safety scheme has allowed Williams to produce.


FS Strikes Back

Allen, Ricardo ATL

Boston, Tre ARI*

Randall, Damarious CLE

Clinton-Dix, Ha Ha WAS*

Maye, Marcus NYJ

Swearinger, D.J. ARI

Evans, Justin TBB


The second tier of FSs is much bigger to make up for the small top FS tier. A couple of these guys could be looking for new homes.


Swiss Army Knife

Mathieu, Tyrann HOU*

Reid, Justin HOU

Smith, Harrison MIN

Byard, Kevin TEN

McDougald, Bradley SEA

Diggs, Quandre DET

Davis, Sean PIT


These guys can do anything. They can play either safety spot. Honeybadger is one of the best slot defenders in the league. Davis played SS as a sophomore but moved back to FS when Pittsburgh drafted Edmunds. Diggs used to be Detroit’s slot CB before moving to Safety.



Jones, Reshad MIA

Parker, Ron KCC*

Adams, Mike CAR*

Weddle, Eric BAL


These guys are ready to join the AARP… Hard to see Jones coming back to Miami after pulling himself out of a game late in the season.


New Year New You

Riley, Curtis NYG*

Geathers, Clayton IND*

Reid, Eric CAR*

Farley, Matthias IND

Searcy, Da’Norris CAR


Farley played in Geather’s place in 2017. With Geathers potentially headed out of town, Farley could take the starting SS spot. Riley was a solid FS in New York this season. He could potentially sign elsewhere as a starter.



McDonald, T.J. MIA

Jefferson, Tony BAL

Simmons, Justin DEN

Amos, Adrian CHI*

Heath, Jeff DAL

McCourty, Jason NEP

Woods, Xavier DAL

Joyner, Lamarcus LAR*

McCourty, Devin NEP

Stewart, Darian DEN


These guys will be on the field and will produce. They just won’t put up big numbers. Heath may lose his job if Thomas signs with Big D. Amos took a step back this season with increased tackle competition in front of him. If he signs somewhere with a weaker LB corp ahead of him, Jason McCourty will be headed for a reclassification as a CB this offseason.



Fitzpatrick, Minkah MIA

Whitehead, Jordan TBB

Harrison, Ronnie JAC

Watts, Armani KCC

Reed, D.J. SFO

Walker, Tracy DET

Gaulden, Rashaan CAR


Tread carefully with Minkah. He played a little outside CB when Xavien Howard missed time at the end of the season. The assumption has always been Reshad Jones would be released and Minkah would replace him. If Miami’s new coaching staff likes Minkah at outside CB, that would hurt his value. Whitehead took over for the IRed Chris Conte but Tampa didn’t trust him with a full snap load. A new coaching staff may trust him more. Harrison is the new starting SS in Jacksonville. Watts should be the new starting FS in KC. San Francisco can’t keep starting safeties healthy so Reed should get an opportunity. Walker started taking snaps away from Glover Quin at the end of the season. The plan is likely to shift him into the starting FS spot. Carolina didn’t think Gaulden was ready when Da’Norris Searcy was IRed. With both Adams and Reid to be UFAs, Gaulden could be starting next season.



Peppers, Jabrill CLE

Edmunds, Terrell PIT

Joseph, Karl OAK

Jones, Josh GBP

Melifonwu, Obi NEP


If Cleveland ever played Peppers 100%, he could be a fantastic #IDP safety. With HC Gregg Williams being replaced, just pray for Peppers. It took HC Jon Gruden almost the entire season to learn that former 1st Rounder Joseph was his best safety. All the other Raider Safeties will be UFAs. Will Jones ever be a thing?


Role Models

Kazee, Damontae ATL

Phillips, Adrian LAC*

Bell, Vonn NOS

Sorensen, Daniel KCC

Levine, Anthony BAL


This tier is entirely role dependent. Kazee backs up both Safety spots in ATL. Both Safeties got hurt this season. Phillips plays LB when LA’s LB corps gets banged up. That said, he’s a UFA and with the other safeties/LBs LA has on their roster, it’s hard to see them investing more into the position. Bell doesn’t play 100% of snaps which limits his production. In the past, Sorensen has played sub-package LB, but KC might have drafted Dorian O’Daniel for that exact role. We won’t know for sure until next season. Finally, Levine is a complete shot in the dark. Besides being a core special-teamer, Levine joined the ILB committee next to Mosley. If Mosley signs elsewhere and Baltimore focuses on filling the holes at OLB, there’s an outside shot Levine puts up numbers next season. Shot in the dark may be a little generous…


There Will be Points…

Gipson, Tashaun JAC

Williams, Marcus NOS

Hyde, Micah BUF

Thompson, Tedric SEA

Addae, Jahleel LAC

Harmon, Duron NEP

Hooker, Malik IND

Sendejo, Andrew MIN


Basically a second tier of JAGs. These guys will be on the field. They will produce points. It just won’t be a lot of points. If you need them for bye weeks or injury replacements, they won’t give you a goose egg.



Tartt, Jaquiski SFO

Cravens, Su’a DEN

Ward, Jimmie SFO*


Tartt produces when he’s on the field, but he’s so rarely on the field because he’s on IR so much. Ward goes back and forth between Safety and CB in attempts to keep him healthier.


No Thank Yous

Adams, Andrew TBB

Graham, Corey PHI*

Vaccaro, Kenny TEN

Mitchell, Michael IND

Chung, Patrick NEP

Quin, Glover DET

Exum, Antone SFO

Middleton, Doug NYJ

Church, Barry FA

Gilchrist, Marcus OAK*

Harris, Erik OAK

Thomas, Michael NYG

Harris, Anthony MIN

Murray, Eric KCC

Neasman, Sharrod ATL

Harris, Marcell SFO

Hal, Dre HOU

Boddy-Calhoun, Briean CLE

Nelson, Reggie OAK*

Johnson, Isaiah TBB

Brice, Kentrell GBP

Burnett, Morgan PIT

Kindred, Derrick CLE

Kearse, Jayron MIN

Richards, Jordan ATL

Bush, Rafael BUF

Lucas, Jordan KCC

Nicholson, Montae WAS

Whitehead, Jermaine CLE

Wilson, Tavon DET

Parks, Will DEN

Fejedelem, Clayton CIN

Christian, Marqui LAR

Odum, George IND


Not much of interest here. Nicholson could be a starter next year given Washington released Swearinger and HHCD will be a UFA. Thomas could end up replacing Collins as New York could lose both starting Safeties to free agency.


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