Dynasty Hot Route: RB touches, Seattle WRs, QB Touchdowns

The mission of this article is to make our in-house experts sizzle and bristle over the hot-button issues that face dynasty owners. Our experts make the entire route tree HOT as they address topics from the world of IDP, Devy, Start/sit, Non-PPR, PPR and everything in between. Try not to get burned by all the fiery YAC below! This is Dynasty Hot Routes!

Can you name three Running Backs that should get 250+ touches in 2017?

Joshua Johnson – Jay Ajayi seems like a lock. All the early buzz makes one think he should approach 350 touches. You know 270 carries and 80 receptions should be plausible right? Seriously though, he should be north of 220 rushing attempts. Also if rumors are true his potential 40-50 receptions will be gravy.

Zeke and David Johnson seem like easy answers too but I feel their respective teams may be in too many close games to force the issue. Although DJ is target anteater so we will give him a chance. I guess that leaves Le’Veon “the bonehead” Bell. However, he is indeed a bonehead so nah. So let’s go with a rookie. The Jags drafted Leonard Fournette to be their bell cow. You can expect that bell to ring a whole bunch this season.

Shaun Laibe – David Johnson, Zeke Elliott, and Melvin Gordon all seem like sure bets for 250+ touches in 2017. Zeke led the league in carries last season with 322. I expect that number to drop slightly, but he’s still a lock for a ton of touches. David Johnson is the best do-it-all back in the league. Last season he caught 80 balls and also toted the rock another 293 times on the ground. I expect similar usage in 2017.

Gordon makes my list due to the sheer lack of competition on the Chargers roster. Andre Williams and Brandon Oliver are the main competition here, but neither is a risk to steal any legitimate market share in Los Angeles. Assuming he builds on the breakout campaign of 2016, I suspect Gordon is a lock for well more than 250 touches.

John Orr – Le’Veon Bell will be my obvious choice. He will continue to dominate the touches in the backfield for Pittsburgh. Devonta Freeman also gets over the 250 touch count. Atlanta will be a fun offense this season as they can move the ball around. Freeman is capable of repeating previous years totals for yards and touchdowns.

Going to go with a player I have close to 250 carries, LeSean McCoy, from Buffalo. Running behind a top 10 offensive line, in my opinion, will help him a lot. Buffalo has had Sammy Watkins injured and a run philosophy in years past, but even with a new approach on offense they will need to run the ball more than they would like.

Brian Hawkes – David Johnson and Le’Veon Bell are locks due to their high target volume, and both finished with over 250 carries in 2016 (Bell in only 12 games). They are in an exclusive tier that should see them in the 350-400 touch range. My best guess for the third RB for touches would be any of this group of volume hogs, all who have little to no competition for touches: Jay Ajayi, Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley, and Jordan Howard.

Can you Breakdown Seattle Seahawks WR corps?

Joshua Johnson – Dougie Baldwin is the top dawg. This we know for sure. After that it is murkier than a low tide. Jermaine Kearse is the wily vet but Seattle seems to never trust him with targets. He did set a career with 89 targets in 2016 but he had fewer receptions and fewer yards than he had on 68 targets in 2015.

Tyler Lockett is entering year three after an injury riddled year two. He has the most potential of the entire corps and he will have a mighty chip on his shoulder after his sour sophomore season. If you can get him for any discount I suggest rolling the dice. He is a very determined and dedicated young man. No character concerns to note and a bright future to boot.

Amara Darboh is another upstanding individual. His back story of surviving in an impoverished war zone after the death of parents to become an elite prospect is truly something. As for this season he likely Baldwin’s understudy.  You can buy him for a few shekels on the waiver, and your taxi squad is begging from some heart. Paul Richardson is the wild card but he might be relegated to a deep threat to stay healthy. The rest of the depth chart is yuck.

Shaun Laibe – Doug Baldwin is the clear #1 option in Seattle. He also might be the least hyped WR1 in the history of fantasy football. Back to back top 12 PPR finishes will have most fantasy owners gushing, but Baldwin is overlooked and undervalued. Tyler Lockett was a breakout candidate before last season, but nothing ever materialized. Paul Richardson and Jermaine Kearse are intriguing players, but neither has been able to do much with the opportunities when given a chance to this point. 

The Seahawks spent a 3rd round pick in this year’s draft on Amara Darboh from Michigan. He might get lost in this crowded receiving corps, but his 4.45 speed and 6’2” frame is enough for me to take a shot on him in deeper leagues.

John Orr – I’m in agreement with my friends here, it’s Doug Baldwin and then simply, the rest of the WRs. Paul Richardson showed the most promise and should see a role this season. I keep thinking of him making plays in the playoffs and am left looking for more of the same in the regular season. Tyler Lockett has kept the medical staff busy and we will see what he can do if he can stay on the field.

Brian Hawkes – Doug Baldwin has been one of the most consistent, good fantasy performers in the NFL over the past two seasons. I don’t see any reason for us to expect him to experience a decrease in production. Look for 120+ targets, 90+ receptions, 1100+ yards, and 6+ touchdowns. As for the rest of the receiving corps, Jermaine Kearse is a non-factor from a fantasy perspective (70+ targets, 40+ receptions, 500+ yards, 2+ touchdowns)…but there is a chance either Tyler Lockett or Paul Richardson jump up.

On the surface, Lockett’s 2016 season looks like a disappointment. A closer look, however, shows a player who battled injury early, then got healthy late, and delivered! Take a look at Lockett’s fantasy finishes for weeks 12-15, and you realize he closed the season as the WR16 for that four game stretch. Of course, Lockett suffered a broken fibula in week 16 which abruptly ended his season.

This gave an opportunity to the former 2nd round pick, Paul Richardson. Richardson took advantage of his opportunity by posting some impressive numbers in the playoffs (and some highlight catches). As Lockett recovers from injury, Richardson will be a guy to watch to see if he can continue to impress. Either of these players could be fantasy sleepers if one of them takes over the role we saw Lockett hold down late in 2016.

Who will throw the most TD passes out Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger and Matthew Stafford this season?

Joshua Johnson – What no Aaron Rodgers? What kind of jerk wrote these questions? Brees or Brady is the easy answer, just flip a coin! Big Ben always misses a couple games but he does play eight home games. However, I just have this feeling about Stafford this season. Maybe it’s because I purchased a couple of shares of him this offseason. His maturity and vision in the post-Megatron era has been impressive. Maybe it’s the rookie Kenny Golladay that opens up things for Ebron, Tate, and Marvin! Also, you know all the RBs in camp will be working their butts off to become better pass catchers to give the Lions staff fewer reasons to cut them.

Shaun Laibe – I am going with Drew Brees here. He has thrown for more than 30 TDs in every season since 2008 and has shown no signs of slowing down. That’s nearly ten years of excellence from the future Hall of Famer. I know Father Time will catch up with Brees eventually, but the 38-year-old still has a few good years left and also has a very good #1 option in Michael Thomas. Stafford is my next choice, but his inconsistency pushed me back to the side of Brees.

John Orr – I have always been a big supporter of Tom Brady. Adding Cooks will be a great addition for the Patriots offense. Drew Brees has been tossing touchdowns so long I can’t recall the last time he didn’t hit 30. Big Ben will miss a few games which hurts his chances.

I am going with Matthew Stafford as my lock here. He has improved and grown this past season, and I look for him to stand out more this upcoming season. Kenny Golladay is a rookie that’s caught my eye and is capable of opening up routes for others if he can play to the level I believe he is capable. The guys 6’4 and will be in on those TDs in the red zone.

Brian Hawkes – Drew Brees seems like the odds-on favorite to be the choice here…but I’m going to go out on a limb and say he will not throw more touchdown passes than Tom Brady in 2017. The offseason moves of the Patriots indicate they are going to throw the ball a ton in 2017. Both Brees and Brady average close to 32 touchdowns per year over the past few seasons.

If the two players were “even” entering the race – I’m giving the edge to the guy who acquired a top WR (Brady; Cooks) v. the guy who lost one (Brees; Cooks). Add to this; one guy lost a running back who produced a league leading 18 touchdowns last year (Brady; Blount), while the other acquired Adrian Peterson (Brees). All of this points to the potential for more Saints rushing production, and less passing – while the Patriots pass more and run less.


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