Under the Radar: Week 8 IDP Starters

Week 8 is slim picking with all the bye weeks. One of the toughest weeks to dig deep. I will give you some options of players who are under 50% starting rate on MFL.

Leonard Williams, DE, New York Jets – Starting % 48.6

Averaging 2 tackles a week he has been steady and keeping himself out of the zero column.  Going up against Atlanta I like him to continue his minimal scoring this week. If you’re in a bad place in your lineup, he will get those 2 tackles this week. Better than nothing.

Adam Gotsis, DE, Denver Broncos – Starting % 11

He has been up and down the last couple of weeks. Facing a running team like Kansas City, he will have his share of opportunities to make some plays. Defending the run is his strength. The Chiefs will look to keep their run game and some short passes going this week, and I see Gotsis being around the ball more this week.

Eric Reid, S, San Francisco 49ers – Starting % 47.8

Sneaky option for anyone looking this week. Last week he saw snaps at weakside LB and being listed as a Safety he could give you an extra LB. If the Niners indeed keep those snaps coming, he very well could perform in the 6-8 tackle range this week.

Jarran Reed, DT Seattle Seahawks – Starting % under 40 (not listed)

As mentioned in our #IDP start and sit found here I like his matchup this week. If you’re in need of a DL and you’re in a league where your DL is all grouped together, I’m good to start him over a weaker DE option. In Your DT premium, he should be put into your lineup.


Thanks for reading and please check out our weekly rankings here to answers any questions you may have on lineups. Good luck this week! Feel free to hit me up @DFF_JohnIDP any time.


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