Quarterback Fits: Tier I

Do not get bogged down in the semantics about how all these landing spots can come to fruition. Just read and have fun disagreeing with me.

Kyler Murray to the Washington Redskins:

The DC metro area is still ravaged by the Robert Griffin III debacle. If Kyler Murray is to become a Redskin, you can imagine it would be at the expense of some futures picks. To Washington faithful that will bury their heads in their hands when reading this: please look at this as a “new” experiment and not a “here we go again.” Murray is a special talent who compares closer to Baker Mayfield and Michael Vick than he does RG3. I think he could create a quality amount of balance in Washington. They have stacked RB and TE depth charts in Washington. That is a recipe for comfort for a young slinger such as Murray.

I also see some Russell Wilson in his patience as he keeps plays alive. His maturity and poise were certainly tested in the Orange Bowl loss to Alabama. The Sooners’ unit suffered against the beefy ’Bama pass rush. Throws were rushed and balls were dropped. As that game progressed, however, we saw Murray adjust and find new ways to make outstanding plays. His ability to throw off-platform is a trending need amongst NFL organizations. But his arm strength off-platform and running is what could make him great in Washington. Paul Richardson and Josh Doctson should be able to keep defenses honest deep. Vernon Davis and Jordan Reed can kill the flat and intermediates. Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice will rumble up the gut which leaves Murray wheeling around like a ball on a bumper pool table.

Who would you choose?

Dwayne Haskins to the Arizona Cardinals:

Why people think Kliff Kingsbury can succeed in the NFL with a college scheme and college QB is beyond me. Dwayne Haskins is more of a pro-ready QB than he is a college QB. To make this thing work, Kingsbury must understand he needs a body that can withstand and not one that is always eluding.

Haskins’ soft feet and strong arm could pepper Larry Fitzgerald across the middle. He also understands how and when to get the ball deep to guys like Christian Kirk. With the Buckeyes, he did an incredible job of waiting then finding his RBs open for efficient gains. Could David Johnson and Fitz both get 80 receptions, with Kirk slashing for YPR average of 15 plus under the Haskins/Kingsbury pairing?

Drew Lock to the Denver Broncos:

Lock it in!

Joe Flacco will hope to find adequate success in his swan song season or two with the Broncos. Yet, the writing is bleeding down the mile-high wall in Denver. They need a franchise QB that works out through the duration of his first contract. This must happen or their open-mouthed/old franchise QB might not have a job. Enter Drew Lock: a fresh-faced kid with basketball player flexibility from Missouri.

In 2017, Lock set an SEC single-season conference record with 44 TD passes. Thus, he was being viewed as a popular choice for the first QB off the board 10 months ago. Then, his 2018 season wasn’t so grand and there was a lot of shade getting thrown on his stock. Quickly people forgot Lock’s record-setting season which caused the loss of his OC Josh Heupel who moved on to a D1 HC position.

I am a Lock fan but I can understand he doesn’t fit on every team’s draft board. Yet, in Denver with a young/developing fleet of WRs, they would have the chance to build something special. Lock certainly has his limitations. With Flacco on the same roster, he has a good chance to mature properly. He shouldn’t be forced into action too early.

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