Post Combine Superflex Rookie Mock Draft

The combine has passed and the team at DFF got together for a superflex rookie mock to reflect on how they would draft the rookies now that we have athletic testing to match with the rest of the evaluation process, enjoy!

Short of Kyler Murray weighing under 200 lbs and standing under 5’9″ nothing could stop me selecting as the 1.01 in Superflex leagues. Fortunately, he weighed in at 207 lbs. and stood 5’10 at the combine. Josh Jacobs didn’t compete at the combine, but he’s still the 1.02 for @DFF_Clayton. Hakeem Butler, N’Keal Harry, and D.K. Metcalf all had strong combine performances solidifying their hold on the top of the wide receiver ranks. David Montgomery as the second running back off the board doesn’t come as a surprise, though Darrell Henderson going off the board at 1.07 does. The underrated A.J. Brown falls to 1.08, and Dwayne Haskins at the 1.11 would be a steal in a Superflex rookie draft. 

A strong combine performance from Miles Sanders (outside of the bench) helps keep him in the top five rookie running backs for DFF. The oft-injured Rodney Anderson could be the best running back of this class if he can find a way to stay on the field. A couple of players at the bottom of this second round could easily rise depending on the NFL Draft. If Drew Lock is the Broncos pick at 10th overall he almost has to be a 1st round rookie pick in Superflex rookie drafts. Parris Campbell is a player who was receiving a lot of buzz before the combine and after he blazed a 4.31 40-yard dash don’t expect that buzz to die down. 

The third round has some interesting players who could move up multiple rounds if they land in the right spot. Trayveon Williams had an impressive career at A&M and was involved enough in the passing attack to be a three-down back in the NFL. Daniel Jones could go in the first round of the NFL Draft which would surely move him into the second round of rookie drafts at worst. Marquise Brown was getting 1st round NFL Draft hype before suffering a Lisfranc injury, if he still gets selected in the 1st round don’t expect him to last this long in rookie drafts. 

The fourth and final round is a mix of players with rising and falling stock. With Pro Days and the NFL Draft still to come there’s no doubt that we’ll see a lot of movement in where these players land in rookie drafts. So far the consensus that this a draft that finds it strength at the wide receiver position still holds.

Thank you for viewing the post combine superflex rookie mock. For any questions feel free to reach out to the participants on Twitter. It will be interesting to see where some of the (currently) lower ranked quarterbacks end up and how that affects rookie drafts.



    • Mike

      March 7, 2019

      48 players and not a sign of Snell. Insane.

      • Shane Manila

        March 8, 2019

        He’s a two down back. In PPR leagues I play in (which is all of my leagues), I don’t want a running back that can be game scripted out on a weekly basis. The floor is too low for me.


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